Concept art from the Power Rangers movie reboot reveals some early designs for the film’s villain, Rita Repulsa. Power Rangers has received a fair amount of acclaim for its fun, campy tone and approach to the original franchise, which neither dumbed it down nor tried to make it grittier or darker than was necessary. In fact, many Power Rangers fans seemed to walk away from the film happy with the changes the studio and filmmakers had made, with only a few minor criticisms here and there (most of which revolved around the movie’s surprising lack of martial arts or hand-to-hand combat).

While most of the film’s changes to the Rangers themselves wound up being expectedly minor, the same couldn’t be said for Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa, the main antagonist in the reboot. Banks brought the same attitude and over-the-top mannerisms that was evident in the Rita from the original Power Rangers TV series, but with a new origin story and look, she ended up being much different than some fans might have hoped or expected he

As it turns out, there were more than a few variations being thrown around when it came to Rita’s design in the film. Concept artist Aaron Sims unveiled the alternative designs on his Instagram page, most of which stuck with the same tattered, reptilian look that she boasted in the final film; with some key design and color changes here and there.


Credit Alex Welsh at Screen rant (view the picture there as well)