Full Name: Cestria
Legal Status: Aquitian from Aquitar
Identity: No dual identity
Marital Status: Dating Billy.
Known relatives: No known relatives.
Group Affiliation: Aquitar Rangers
Base of Operations: Aquitar
First Appearance: "Rangers Of Two Worlds, Part 2"

Cestria is a friend of Billy and the Aquitians. She came to Earth to bring the rapidly aging Billy water from their Eternal Falls. For Aquitians - the Eternall Falls is like our legendary Fountain of Youth - it makes them younger. The effects of the Eternal Falls' water were unknown. Stronger doses for long term treatment of Eternal Falls' water were untested on humans and the effects were unknown. Cestria took Billy back to Aquitar for such treatment. Cestria accompanied Billy in their transmission to the Power Chamber to let the Rangers know of the good news and to let them know that Billy had decided to remain on Aquitar.