Saban Brands and Bandai have decided to end their relationship after April 2019. The move will not effect the current toyline. As Bandai will continue to produce the Power Rangers Toys through the end of the current deal.

There is no word who Saban Brands will turn to after this point. Candidates for replacement companies could be Hasbro And Mattel. The end of the 25 year relationship will not effect Super Sentai. Bandai will continue its relationship with Super Sentai. The live action Japanese Series that Saban Brands uses for Power Rangers Action Footage.

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( This story is possibly the biggest Power Rangers related story since its purchase by Saban Brands earlier in the decade. But As Bandai has been in charge of the Power Rangers toyline from the beginning. Even being known to contribute monetary to the shows budget when a certain toy was being advertised. While Bandai is a valauble partner to lose...But Power Rangers is also a powerful toy brand. So their is no doubt that their toy license will be a hot commodity when they shop for a new partner. )