Adam Park, Black Power Ranger
Full Name: Adam Park
Ranger Designation: Black Power Ranger, Black Ninja Ranger
Weapons: Power Axe, Blade Blaster
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Power Morpher with Power Coin, Metallic Armor, Black Shark Cycle
Zords: Lion Thunderzord, Frog Ninja Zord, Black Shogun Zord

Adam is shy, sensitive and spiritual. His training has made him a disciplined and efficient fighter specializing in Shaolin Kung-Fu. He first met the Rangers while attempting to save a child in danger alongside of them. Originally from Stone Canyon, Adam moved to Angel Grove and transferred to Angel Grove High School. By fighting Zedd's forces with the Power Rangers, Adam proved himself to be a suitable replacement for Zack as the Black Ranger. Zack transferred his powers to Adam using the Sword of Light. Black Ranger's power weapon is the Power Axe, which doubles as a powerful cannon. His weapon combined with the others to form the Power Blaster. As Black Ranger, Adam gained enhanced strength, speed, durability, and limited energy projection. His powers were lost after Goldar and Rito destroyed the Power Coins after Master Vile had turned the Rangers into children. Since then, Adam became the Green Zeo Ranger, and later the Green Turbo Ranger, before giving his place to Carlos. He returned to help his successor as the Black Ranger, using his morpher without a Power Coin, risking his life.

Adam Park, Black Ninja Ranger Adam Park, Black Ninja Ranger

When Rita Repulsa's brother, Rito Revolto, came to Earth, he succeeded in destroying the Thunderzords and the Rangers' powers. The six teens had to travel to the Temple of Power, where the legendary warrior Ninjor gave them all the power of Ninja. Using this power, they could all transform into the Ninja Rangers, then morph into Power Rangers and take command of the Ninja Zords. The Black Ninja Ranger has heightened strength, speed, and durability. He also has the powers of ground swimming, line of sight teleportation, phasing, multiplication, energy projection, hypnotic persuasion, and many other "ninja magic" powers. Presumably, all Ninja Rangers have the same powers, although not each one has demonstrated all of them.

Young Adam Master Vile once used the Orb of Doom to revert the Rangers into powerless children. To restore their ages, and obtain new powers, the children had to each retrieve a Zeo crystal.

Adam was sent to Korea to obtain his from a wise old man named Kyogi.