Pirantishead Pirantishead
Lord Zedd created him from a piranha, he froze four of the original zords and took control of the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord. He could take control of any mecchine such as Bulk & Skull's ATVs. Pirantishead grew big and was the first to be destroyed by the Thunder Megazord. He was resurrected as well with other sea monsters.
"The Mutiny, Part 1, 2 & 3" & "A Reel Fish Story"

Primator Primator
Lord Zedd transformed Zack's monkey costume into Primator that immiated most of the Rangers and made it difficult for them to figure out who was who. Eventually, a special hand mirror was used to reveal his true identity. He was destroyed by the Thunderzord and later brought back during Halloween.
"The Wanna-Be Ranger" & "Zedd's Monster Mash"

Saliguana Saliguana
Lord Zedd transformed Miss Appleby's iguana into Saliguan who could spit fire out of his mouth and wrap its tongue around the Megzord. The monster was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord and the iguana was returned unharmed to Miss Appleby. The Rangers hallucinated him later on and he later attended Rita and Zedd's wedding.
"Putty on the Brain" & "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park" & "The Wedding, Part 1, 2 & 3"

Bloom of Doom Bloom of Doom
Created from flowers, the Bloom of Doom's pollen could burn through the Ranger's suits and cause damage to their sinuses. She took put Kimberly under a spell and took her to another dimension and was destroyed by the Power Blaster.
"Bloom of Doom"

Robogoat Robogoat
Created an illustration in Tommy's mythology book by Lord Zedd, Robogoat hypnotized Tommy into giing him the Sword of Power. When Tommy was no longer under the spell, he went after the sword but what he thought was the sword was just a trick. Robogoat captured the rangers except for Jason. Jason managed to save them and destroyed Robogoat with the Thunder Megazord. He was brought back twice after that fro Halloween and the big wedding.
"The Green Dream, "Zedd's Monster Mash," & "The Wedding, Part 2 & 3"

Ocotphantom Ocotphantom
Octophantom had a jar that could capture the Ranger's powers. He lured them by painting graffiti. He captured Tommy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini. Billy distracted the vain Octophantom with a mirror. Finster recreated him to help Rito destroy the Thunder Megazord.
"The Power Stealer" & "The Ninja Quest, Part 1 & 2"

Stag Beetle Stag Beetle
Zedd created him from a drawing on a Stone Canyon flyer. Stag Beetle drained Tommy's Green Ranger powers and used energy to bolt out from his pincers. By sucking in Stag Beetle's energy bolt attack, Alpha's energy transducer returned Tommy's powers to him. He was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Beetle Invasion," "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park," & "The Ninja Quest, Part 1 & 2"

Invenuusable Flytrap Invenuusable Flytrap
Created from a venus flytrap on Venus Island, the Invenusable Flytrap trapped most of the rangers except for Trini and Tommy inside her chest. She promise that if Tommy to gave in to Lord Zedd, she would release the others. She has a weakness to heat. She was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord. Lord Zedd brought her back thrice.
"Welcome to Venus Island," "Zedd's Monster Mash," "Rangers Back in Time, Part 2," & "The Wedding, Part 1 & 2"

Guitardo Guitardo
Guitardo was created from a cicada, Guiatdo turned Kim's guitar into his own electric guitar that had the power to put people unde rhis control. He could leviate people around as well with his powers. Kimberly was able to resist his control by humming to herself. With Tommy and his Dragon Dagger, Kim fired the Dragon Dagger from her Power bow to destroy him.
"The Song of Guitardo"

Turbanshell Turbanshell
Lord Zedd created Turbanshell from a turbanshell Kim found at the lake and he attacked the Thunder Megazord. He went to the Otherworld to recharge his shell. Tommy's powers were drained and charged through Turbanshell's shell. Tommy hid in a crate of melons which Turbanshell ate and Tommy heated up the monster's belly which froze him on the outisde. He was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Green No More, Part 1"

Pipebrain Pipebrain
Created from the Golden Pipe karate trophy, Pipe Brain had to be defeated by Jason before being able to get his friends back. Pipe Brian was destroyed by the Red Dragon Warrior Mode.
"Missing Green"

Trumpet Top Trumpet Top
Created from Zack's cousin Curtis' trumpet by Lord Zedd, the Trumpet Top made the Rangers hallucinate old monsters. He could throw fire from his mouth and was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park"

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