Lord Zedd turned Adam's kaleidoscope into Scatterbrain who disintegrated the Billy, Kimberly and Tommy and then reassembled them in a demorphed and amnesic state. He then scrambled Adam, Aisha and Rocky and was defeated by Bulk and Skull. Scatterbrain was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?"
Pachinkohead was made out of Ernie's Panchinko Machine and he turned the rangers into pachinko balls except for Tommy. The monster caused havoc among an amusement park. Pachinkohead was destroyed by Thunder Megazord.
"Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun"
Showbiz Monster
A camera from the Harvey Garvey Show was turned into the Showbiz Monster by Lord Zedd and was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Lights, Camera, Action"
Flamehead turned a barbeque into an inferno and rode on a horse. flamehead could blow fire from its mouth and was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Where There's Smoke, There's Fire"
Cannontop was made out of a toy cannon belonging to Billy's cousin. Cannontop had enough power to blast people into the Lost Dimension. The Power Blaster couldn't beat it but it was destroyed by the Megatigerzord.
"Scavenger Hunt"
Weldo had been sent by Zedd to retrieve the Bookala's Lightning Diamond. Weldo appeared at the workshop the Rangers was in and had lasers to shoot at them. Billy destroyed Weldo with his Blade Blaster.
"The Great Bookala Escape"
Evil Bookala
Lord Zedd transformed the Bookala doll the Rangers used as a decoy into an Evil Bookalathat was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"The Great Bookala Escape"
Jaws of Destruction
A saw in the school's shop room was turned into the Jaws of Destruction by Lord Zedd and was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Forever Friends"
Tube Monster
Bulk & Skull's inntertube was turned into the Tube Monster and destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"A Reel Fish Story"
Photomare trapped the Rangers who were turned into children in a photograph. She could trap people into photographs. Photomare made a copy of Red Dragon Warrior Mode. She was made out of a polaroid camera and destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
"Rangers Back in Time, Part 1 & 2"
Wizard of Deception
Rita Replusa asked the Ghost of Darkness to summon the Wizard for his help and he made a clone of Tommy to become the Green Ranger. He also sent the rangers into the past. Tommy the White Ranger destroyed the Wizard with his own wand and Zordon destroyed the wand.
"Return of the Green Ranger, Part 1, 2 & 3"
Rocky, Tommy and Kim accidently ended up in the mountains where a snow monster lived and didn't like uninvited guests so he threw a boulder at them, causing an avalanche which trapped the teens in a cave beneath the snow.
"Storybook Rangers, Part 1"
Turkey Jerk
Bulk and Skull's monster was made real by Lord Zedd and he had a turkey baster cannon. Turkey Jerk was destroyed by the ranger's Power Cannon.
"Storybook Rangers, Part 2"
Mondo the Magician
Mondo the Magnificent Magician was an old friend of Rita's and came from a storybook and fought the Thunder Megazord and he was destroyed.
"Storybook Rangers, Part 1 & 2"
A cactus Tommy gave Kimberly from Arizona was made into Needlenose by Zedd. Needlenose and Goldar went through the time hole to the wild west to wreak havoc. Needlenose had paralyzing spore needles. He was destroyed by the Megatigerzord.
"Wild West Rangers, Part 1 & 2"
Vase Face
Tommy's art class project was turned into Vase Face, that treated the Thunder Megazord like a puppet and then was destroyed by it.
"Blue Ranger Gone Bad"