Moon Palace Exterior Moon Palace Interior

Rita and her minions were based in a palace on the moon. They were eventually driven out by the Machine Empire. The palace remains on the moon, vacant.

Rita Repulsa Rita Repulsa
A feared sorceress, Rita attempts to conquer all in sight. After being released from a dumpster in which Zordon imprisoned her in a final battle, she tried to conquer Earth, with her crew. Rita had no luck however, being defeated by the Rangers time and time again. She was finally turned good by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.
Later it was revealed she became the empress of all good magic referred to as the Mystic Mother in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Goldar Goldar
Goldar is Rita's top warrior. He frequently accompanies monsters to Angel Grove, and holds his own against the Rangers. His wings were restored by Lord Zedd when he arrived on the moon. Goldar was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Squatt and Baboo Squatt and Baboo
Rita's two bumbling henchmen do their best to help their mistress in her war against the Rangers, but usually end up screwing up. Both were destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Finster Finster
Finster was part magician, part scientist. He created Putties and monsters for Rita, along with the occasional technological device. Finster was very easy going and gentle by nature. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Scorpina Scorpina
Scorpina is a ruthless and cunning femme fatale who served on Rita's side since the time of the evil Green Ranger. She used a sword in combat, which doubled as a boomerang. When she grew in size to battle the Zords, she assumed a monstrous appearance. Scorpina's final fate after Countdown to Destruction is unknown.

Lord Zedd Lord Zedd
Disgusted at Rita's performance at attempting to conquer Earth, Zedd came to the Moon himself to get rid of Rita and do the job right himself, but would also be unsuccessful. Rita found her way back to the Moon, and placed Zedd under a love spell. The two got married, and continued to fail at world domination. Zedd was finally turned good, along with Rita, by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space. He also received a human form.

Rito Revolto Rito Revolto
Unwelcome by Zedd on the Moon Palace, Rito dropped in unannounced to pay a visit to his sister Rita. A bumbling idiot who couldn't get anything right since he destroyed the Thunderzords and the Rangers' powers, Rito is a constant annoyance to his brother-in-law Zedd, especially by calling him Ed. He brought to Zedd and Rita some Tengas and a Vampirus Monster as a wedding present. Rito was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Master Vile Master Vile
Master Vile is one of the universe's great evils. He paid a visit to his daughter Rita, and brought with him a special food which would enhance the Tengas' powers. He also created Globbor, an energy draining monster who absorbed Ninjor's energy and nearly defeated the Power Rangers. Master Vile also gained possession of the Zeo Crystal, which he lost to the Power Rangers when they raided the location the Zords were being kept after Globbor disabled them. Master Vile was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Putty Patrol Putty Patrol
Putties are the expendable warriors made of clay who are sent down to Earth to wear down the Rangers before a monster fight, as well as for sabotage and special missions. Rita's putties would take many different forms, including pumpkin head putties, ball handed putties, and football player putties. Using a powerful clay she found, she created super putties, which were significantly harder to defeat.

Z Putties Z Putties
When Lord Zedd arrived, he brought with him the Z Putty Patrol, which were more powerful than any previous putties, and had to be hit in the Z spot to be destroyed.

Tenga Warriors Tenga Warriors
The Tengas are crow-like humanoid creatures sent down to Earth by Zedd and Rita to battle the Power Rangers. Tengas can fly long distances, and they are very strong and stubborn. When Master Vile came to the Moon, he brought a special food with him which was fed to the Tengas to enhance their strength and durability. Only with the metallic armor could these improved Tengas be defeated.

Lokar Lokar
The evil sorcerer known as Lokar appears as a giant floating head. He helped Rita a couple of times during her earlier period of attempting to conquer Earth.

Cyclopsis Cyclopsis
Cyclopsis was Goldar's own war Zord. It incapacitated and nearly destroyed the Dinozords, but eventually lost, getting destroyed itself.

Serpentera Serpentera Serpentera
Lord Zedd's enormous war machine, Serpentera was rarely used, since its gigantic size made it difficult to fuel. It was piloted by Goldar and Lord Zedd.

Serpentera was left buried on the moon, unused for years until remnants of the Machine Empire unearthed it. They equipped it with a neo-plutonium reactor, and plotted to use it to destroy Earth. As Serpentera made its way towards Earth, it was destroyed by Cole, the Red Wild Force Ranger, using the Wild Force Rider.

Hydro Hog Hydro Hog
Hydro Hog is the Alien Rangers' arch enemy. Lord Zedd summoned him to Earth to help him defeat the Alien Rangers by draining the Earth's water supply with his power of evaporation. Hydro Hog was destroyed by the Alien Rangers.