White Tigerzord
To aid the Rangers in the battle against the increasing intensity of Lord Zedd's attacks, Zordon created the White Ranger, and gave him the White Tigerzord, which he could summon with Saba. The Tigerzord's first victory was against the Scarlet Sentinel, which was defeated when the Tigerzord combined with the Firebird, Griffin, Unicorn, and Lion Thunderzords to form the Mega Tigerzord. The Tigerzord was destroyed by Rito Revolto. Tigerzord could transform into Tiger or Warrior mode. In Tiger mode, it could roar to emit powerful sonic blasts. In Warrior mode, it had a sabre, and it could shoot fireballs from its chest. Tigerzord formed the head, arms, and torso of the Mega Tigerzord. Tigerzord was also destroyed in Rito's attack on Angel Grove.
Mega Tigerzord
The White Ranger's Tigerzord could combine with the Firebird, Griffin, Lion and Unicorn to form the Mega Tigerzord, whch would fight alongside the Red Dragon in Warrior mode. The Mega Tigerzord had a claw on its right wrist, which was formed by the Firebird. It could shoot out, energized by a fireball from the Tigerzord, and finish off monsters. The Lion formed the Mega Tigerzord's shoulder pads and back, the Firebird its claw, the Tigerzord its head, arms, and torso, and the Unicorn and Griffin each one of its legs.