Being trapped in a time warp doesn't stop this wise old sage from fighting evil. He gathered together the Rangers and has guided them since day one in protecting the planet from aliens. Zordon sacrificed his life to destroy the evil forces attacking the universe in Power Rangers in Space.
Alpha 5
This friendy robot was built by King Lexian from Edenoi, and given to Zordon to assist him at his base of operations in his crusade against evil. Alpha was last known to be on Eltare. He was either destroyed, or currently resides there.
Deciding that he would be of better use in the Power Chamber, Billy gave up his chance to become a Zeo Ranger and helped the Rangers out by building their weapons and Zords, and advising them in battle. Billy left for Aquitar to begin a relationship with Cestria.
Bulk and Skull
Once bullies, these two clowns straightened up and became Junior Police officers, only to quit their jobs in support of Stone when he was fired. They became assistants working for Stone, but left for an assignment in Paris once they got their detectives licenses. They later took on odd jobs, and were split up when Bulk left for space in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
Lt. Stone
While members of the Junior Police, Bulk and Skull were supervised by Lieutenant Stone, a tough guy with a heart of gold. Stone gave up his crime solving to take over management of the Youth Center during Power Rangers Turbo.
This good natured juice bartender owns the Rangers' favourite hang out spot, the Angel Grove Youth Center. He abruptly left the Youth Center to volunteer for an emergency in South America.
Trey is the lord of Triforia, and the Gold Ranger. He came to Earth when his assistance was needed, and after an attack left him wounded, he had to pass his powers on to Jason. When he recovered, he took the powers back and left for his homeworld.
Alien Rangers
When Rita Repulsa and the Machine Empire each sent down a monster, the Alien Rangers came to Earth to assist the Zeo Rangers.
Auric the Conqueror
A special magical key controls Auric, and whoever possesses it has the power of Auric on their side. In locked tiki mode, Auric is about a foot tall. Once unlocked, he can grow to either Zord size or human size. Found by Tanya's explorer parents, thisnoble do gooder was tricked into doing evil after released from his tikistate by Louie Kaboom with the key. It took a little convincing, but the Rangers set Auric straight, and now he's on their side. Auric's whereabouts are currently unknown.