Zeo Blaster
All five Zeo Power Weapons, a Zeo Blade, and a Zeo Pistol can combine to form the Zeo Blaster, combining all of the Rangers' energy into one powerful blast.
The Zeonizers harnessed the power of the legendary Zeo Crystal to transform five heroes into Zeo Rangers. The Zeonizers materialized on the wrists of the user, and activated by drawing power from it's Zeonizer Crystal, which could be transferred to a Zord's control panel to pilot it.
Zeo Power Weapons
Each Zeo Ranger has a unique power weapon (clockwise):
Red - Sword
Yellow - Double Clubs
Green - Hatchets
Blue - Axes
Pink - Disc
Defender Wheel
First used to block out the Puppet Blaster's hypnotic signals. A Ranger enters the Wheel and launches it at a monster, destroying it with a spinning mass of energy.
Zeo Jet Cycles
For tough off road action, the Rangers rely on their super fast Jet Cycles, which come in handy when teleportation is down.
Zeo Laser Pistol and Zeo Blade
Each Zeo Ranger has his own Blade and Pistol, which can be combined for additional firepower.
Zeo Cannon
Drawing power from all of the Zeo Rangers, the Zeo Cannon shoots powerful balls of energy to destroy monsters.
Golden Power Staff
The Golden Power Staff is the weapon and power source of the Gold Ranger. He uses it to morph, and utilizes it in battle by either wielding it in hand to hand combat or firing golden energy from it.