Zeo Zord V
Red Ranger's airborne Zord embodies the spirit of the Phoenix. Anything the machine Empire can throw at it are no match for its fierceness and nobility.
Zeo Zord IV
This Zord of the Green Ranger's possesses the mighty strength of Taurus the Bull. It's the driving force for Zeo Zord II, and can shoot electricity from its horns.
Zeo Zord III
The driving force of Zeo Zord I, the Blue Ranger's Zord has the mythical powers of the Sphinx, and has a powerful head mounted cannon.
Zeo Zord II
Half of the Zeo Zords' arsenal, Yellow Ranger's Zord is equipped with twin rockets on the top, and side mounted cannons. Its massive firepower makes monsters think twice about messing with this rolling marauder.
Zeo Zord I
The other half of the Zeo Zords' arsenal, Pink Ranger's Zord has side mounted missile launchers, and a powerful top mounted cannon. Both Pink and Yellow Rangers control this firepower with temperance and good judgement.
Zeo Megazord
When things get too tough for the Zeo Zords, they can combine and form the Zeo Megazord. Usually in warrior mode with the Zeo V battle helmet, the Zeo Megazord can wear the helmet of the other four Zeo Zords as well. The Zeo Megazord presumably remains in storage in the Zeo Zord holding bay.