Divatox wages her war on the Rangers from her submarine, which has a periscope that can emerge from just about anywhere she wants it to. The sub is capable of interstellar flight, and is armed with torpedoes which make monsters grow. Divatox's sub left Earth and docked with General Havoc's Space Base.
This barbaric lady pirate came to Earth to free her fiance Maligore, but her plans were ruined by the Turbo Rangers. She remained on Earth, travelling in her submarine, with a mission of vengeance towards the Power Rangers. Divatox was turned good by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space

Divatox's second in command is in charge of navigation of the submarine. He is capable of shooting powerful optic beams. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Divatox reluctantly brings her nephew along, a half-wit who survived being thrown into Maligore's fire. Elgar has fouled up some of Divatox's plans, and is a constant source of annoyance. Elgar later left his aunt's team to work for princess of evil Astronema. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

The brains of Divatox's forces, Porto is the scientific advisor. Once he tried to prove his unappreciated worth, and grew to an enormous size so he could walk all over Angel Grove. It is unknown if or how Zordon's energy wave affected him.

Divatox's fishy warriors. They can be found riding motorcycles and wielding mallets. Hordes of them were responsible for the destruction of the Power Chamber.

Putra pods
These monsters hatch from pods planted by Divatox. They were used against the Rangers on their trip to Muranthias to stop the freeing of Maligore.

General Havoc
Havoc is Divatox's brother, and brought with him the Space Base and the Metallosaurus to help her conquer Earth. He also captured the Turbo Megazord, and used it against the Rangers, powered by the Phantom Ranger's ruby. He was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Power Rangers in Space.

Robot Warriors
Havoc's elite crew of fighters who run the Space Base and battle the Rangers.

The Turbo Rangers' first major battle brought them up against Maligore, a monster who had been imprisoned on the island of Muranthias. He was freed by Divatox, who planned on marrying him. Maligore was destroyed by the Turbo Megazord.
Havoc's powerful fighting machine, the Metallosaurus, succeeded in defeating the Turbo Zords, but was destroyed when it went up against the Rescue Zords.
Porto built an evil Zord, which Elgar piloted in battle against the Rangers. The Terrorzord was defeated when it was accidentally turned into a camel by one of Divatox's monsters.

Divtox unleashed her own fleet of Zords against the Rangers, the Divazords - lion, shark, and eagle. They were eventually destroyed by the Rangers.