Astro Morpher Astro Morpher
The Astro Morphers are worn on the wrists, and when activated, grant the crew superhuman powers by transforming them into Rangers.

Spiral Saber Lunar Lance Astro Power Weapons
Spiral Saber, Lunar Lance, Astro Axe, Star Slinger,
Satellite Stunner

Astro Axe Star Slinger Satellite Stunner

Quadroblaster Quadroblaster
Four Power Weapons combine to form the Quadroblaster, which releases a destructive ball of energy.

Spiral Saber in Booster mode Spiral Saber in Booster mode
The Spiral Saber can be attached to an Astro Blaster, and equipped with an enhancement at the tip for a boost of firepower.

Astro Blaster Astro Blaster
Ranger weapon of choice. Each Ranger carries one in a holster, and it can be separated into dual blasting mode.

Battlizer Digimorpher Battlizer
The Battlizer is Andros' power enhancer. Worn on the wrist, it allows him to control the Delta Megazord, deliver energized punches, and morph into the Red Battlized Ranger.

Zhane's transformation device allows him to morph into the Silver Ranger and communicate with the other Rangers.

Red Battlized Armor Red Battlized Armor
As the Red Battlized Ranger, Andros wears a suit of armor, and a winged backpack that allows him to fly and shoot missiles.

Super Silverizer Super Silverizer
Silver Ranger's arm mounted weapon has a blaster and sword mode.