Dark Fortress Exterior Dark Fortress Interior

Astronema and her forces operated from the Dark Fortress, which was armed with satellasers to make monsters grow. The Dark Fortress was last seen on Earth, after being commandeered by Red Space Ranger Andros.

Astronema Astronema
Among the new faces at the summit is Astronema, a stylish vixen who commands an army of robots called Quantrons, and pilots the Dark Fortress. Astronema was revealed to be Andros' long lost sister Karone. When she discovered this, she joined her brother on the side of good.

Dark Specter Dark Specter
The mastermind behind it all- Dark Specter has managed to attack Eltare and successfully abduct the wizard Zordon, who's powers he plans to drain and use for his own evil agenda. Before completing his agenda, he was destroyed by the treacherous Darkonda, who used a missile meant for Earth.

Ecliptor Ecliptor
Ecliptor is Astronema's ruthless and powerful warrior. His expert swordfighting skill and tremendous firepower make him one of the Rangers most dangerous villains. He helped the Rangers when Astronema joined their side, but was turned evil again by Dark Specter, only to be destroyed by Zordon's energy.

Darkonda Darkonda
This treacherous bounty hunter assisted Astronema in battling the Rangers, but only to serve his own agenda. Andros discovered that it was Darkonda who kidnapped his sister from KO-35 years ago. Darkonda died after attacking Dark Specter, who killed him just before going down himself.

Elgar Elgar
This obnoxious and dim witted goon was transferred by Dark Specter from Divatox's command to work with Astronema, much to her chagrin. He was destroyed by Zordon's wave.

Psycho Rangers Psycho Rangers
Astronema created the Psycho Rangers, insane machines with insatiable lusts to destroy their heroic counterparts. The Psycho Rangers each read their respective Ranger's mind to be able to read their moves, making them nearly impossible to defeat. Using a special machine, the Psychos were digitzed and stored on data cards, which would later be recovered in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Quantrons Quantrons
The Quantrons are Astronema's robotic soldiers who attack with enormous bladed weapons.

Velocifighters Velocifighters
The Quantrons pilot Velocifighters, which can fly through space and shoot energy blasts.