Kubak and Teska were employed with the task of destroying Trakeena and making it look like Leo had done it. Kubak grew huge and was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"An Evil Game"
Kubak and Teska were employed with the task of destroying Trakeena and making it look like Leo had done it. During the ensuing fight, Trakeena approached the downed Teksa and charged her sword with green energy and struck through him, making him fall and vanish as yellow specks of energy. He was later revived by Hexuba.
"An Evil Game" & "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Rykon disguised himself as Shondra, her best friend from Mirinoi to infiltrate the science division of Terra Ventura and take the Galaxy Book. The Galaxy Megazord destroyed Rykon later on.
"Memories of Mirnoi"
Cannonbrawl attacked High Councilor Reiner, he was ordered to destroy Terra Venture by Trakeena. He was desroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"Green Courage"
Icy Angel
Ice Angel shot Commander Stanton when he was with his daughter at a park in the colony. The Rangers came in and fought her. Her arrow caused Stanton to lack emotion and he was under her spell. Ice Angel forxed the Galaxy Megazord and was later destroyed by it.
"Blue to the Test"
Motor Mantis
Motor Mantis was brought in by Deviot and he truned Kendrix and Maya into thropies and challenged Leo to a race. He cheeted to win and Leo's cycle became the Red Capsular Cycle. Motor Mantis was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"The Sunflower Search" and "Man Wheels Mantis"
Villamax regarded Loyax a honorable legend while Deviot didn't think much of him. Loyax had lived his whole life as a cunning and mighty warrior, but now his strength began to fade. Trakeena offered him the Power Rangers as his last worthy opponents. At first, he didn't want Maya, a woman, to fight him but she continued to and they fell off a cliff and she scrapped her kneee. He felt ashamed since he failed at destroying them and that she was a girl. Loyax worked together with Maya to escape a cave and he insisted his last battle to be a honroable one and fought the villains, especially Deviot who mocked him. Loyax revealed he once was good but was corrupted by evil. He refused her offer to be good again and was Deviot controlled Loyax with a device. Deviot exploded Loyax when he had the Galaxy Megazord tried to remove the device. He was destroyed and Maya put his sword in the sand in remembrance.
"Loyax's Last Battle"
Deviot presented Trakeena with Moranda, who could trap people in her necklace. She captured various females including Leo's friend Ginger and when she went after Ginger's brother Colby, Leo took Moranda's necklace. Moranda then chased him on her bike. Leo chased her on his Red Capsular Cycle and Leo released at least a dozen prisoners from her amulet. Moranda was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"A Red Romance"
Chameliac was a gladiator-like robotic warrior who scanned and cloned the Ranger's powers and abilities against them and guarded the construction of a laser dish designed by Keglar to destroy the Galactabeasts. He also duplicated the powers of the Megazords and when Stratoforce Megazord used the Cantaurus' cannon, it confused Chamelion, allowing him to be destroyed by the Galaxy megazord.
"Chameliac Warrior"
Spikaka was one of Deviot's guards as he disguised himself as Runtus, who had possession of the Piink Quasar Saber. Deviot had Spikaka set up the trap for the Rangers on the planet Kirassa, a trap which would feature a hidden explosive device with a trigger disguised as a Quasar Saber handle. Spikaka was destroyed by the Rangers with the Lights of Orion.
"Protect the Quasar Sabar"