Circuit Circuit
This little robotic owl is the Rangers' technical advisor. He informs them of the weapons at their disposal, and performs diagnostics on their equipment. When he's not on the job, he frequently resides in Trip's backpack.

Mr. Collins Mr. Collins Mr. Collins
Mr. Collins is Wes' wealthy father, owner of Bio Lab, and founder of the Silver Guardians. Wes left his father to make a name for himself, but Mr. Collins saw him as a failure. He then focused his efforts on advancing Bio Lab technology by examining the Quantum powers, and creating Trixyrium Crystals.

When Mr. Collins discovered that his son was the Red Ranger, things changed. He became proud of his son for breaking away from him and making his own future. He even stood up to Ransik, which landed him in the hospital. Near death, Mr. Collins was saved by Alex, who was inspired by Wes to make his own future. Mr. Collins and Wes now work together, with Wes as co-leader of the Silver Guardians.

Philips, the butler Philips, the butler
The Collins family's good natured butler and chauffer.

Captain Logan Captain Logan
Captain of Time Force who fired the Rangers when they let Ransik get away. He later accepted them back into the force, and supplies them with weapons and Zords from the future.

Alex, Red Time Force Ranger Alex Alex Alex
Alex was the Red Time Force Ranger of the future, and Jen's fiancee. In a showdown with Ransik, he was taken down, and handed his morpher to Jen, who would later pass it on to Wes. Alex is very serious and dedicated to his work.

He continued to assist the team by sending them the Time Shadow when needed. On one occasion, he even travelled back in time himself, and made Wes give him back the morpher. With Alex as their leader, the Rangers failed against Dragontron. He was too rigid, and had no creativity in forging battle plans. When he finally realized that the team was batter off with Wes as the Red Ranger, he gave back the morpher and returned to his own time.

When Doomtron was unleashed on the city, Alex sent a time ship and demanded that the Rangers return, or they would be killed by Frax's latest creation. When they returned, Jen returned her engagement ring to Alex, and insisted on going back to help Wes. Alex eventually rose in rank, and now holds a high ranking command position in Time Force, surpassing Captain Logan.

Dr. Zaskin Dr. Zaskin
Dr. Zaskin is a scientist who works for Bio-Lab. He undertook the task of duplicating the Quantum Powers, but was unsuccessful. He was witness to Ransik's attack on Mr. Collins, and it was him who first let Wes know that his father was proud of him.

Lightspeed Rescue Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
When Vypra returned from the dead and released the super demon Quargenon, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers travelled to Silver Hills to help the Time Force Rangers destroy her.

Silver Guardians Silver Guardians Silver Guardians
The Silver Guardians are an elite team of soldiers employed by Bio-Lab. Aside from protecting the Bio-Lab complex, the Silver Guardians also offer protection for hire to anyone who can afford it. Eric became leader of the Silver Guardians after becoming the Quantum Ranger and obtaining the Q-Rex.

Wes became co-leader when his Time Force friends left to go back to the year 3000 after their mission was over. At that point, the Silver Guardians no longer protected paying clients only. They became a law enforcement organization for the entire city.