Visual Scanner Visual Scanner
These futuristic Oakley style shades are summoned by pressing a spot behind the ear. They allow the wearer to scan for energy signatures and mutant DNA.

Time Force Badge Time Force Badge
Each Time Force officer has his or her own badge, to identify them as law enforcement officers to the criminals they are apprehending.

Chrono Blaster Chrono Blaster
Each Time Force officer is equipped with a Chrono Blaster, the standard issue sidearm for the crime fighting organization of the future.

V Weapons V Weapons
Each Ranger can summon his or her own V Weapon. Although they are typically set to stun, they also have the capability to destroy.

V3 V5 V4

Chrono Morpher Chrono Morpher
Chrono Morpher
The Chrono Morphers were created by the crime fighting unit of the future, Time Force. They lock on to a user's DNA so that only they, or one who's DNA matches closely enough to be related to the wearer, can use it to morph into a Time Force Ranger. The Chrono Morpher can also display holographic images, such as when communicating with a fellow Ranger.

Chrono Sabers Chrono Sabers
Each Ranger carries two Chrono Sabers, which can combine into a double edged lance. The Chrono Sabers are each equipped with a different colored tip. They can project energy, and are used to deliver a Time Strike.

Vortex Blaster Vortex Blaster
All of the Rangers' V weapons combine to form the Vortex Blaster, which can deliver a powerful blast that eaither freezes or knock out opponents.

Electro Booster
Electro Booster
To defeat a power absorbing mutant, Trip invented the Electro Booster. To make the Electro Booster, attachments are added to a Chrono Saber, making it a gun.

Quantum Morpher Quantum Morpher
Eric uses the Quantum Morpher to morph into the Quantum Ranger, and to control the Q-Rex. When the Q-Rex was lost in time, so was the Quantum Morpher. While protecting an archeological dig as one of the Silver Guardians, Eric got a hold of the unearthed Quantum Controller box, which formed around his hand as the morpher.

Quantum Defender Quantum Defender
The Quantum Ranger's special weapon transforms from a gun into a sword.

Mega Battle Armor Mega Battle Armor Mega Battle Armor Mega Battle Armor Mega Battle Armor Mega Battle Armor
Mega Battle Armor
While fighting against a monster who had taken control of the Q-Rex from him, Eric received a mysterious transmission from the same man who sends the Time Shadow which instructed him in summoning the Mega Battle Armor. The armor includes torso shielding, a visor, rollerblades, and detachable wings which also serve as blasters and blades. The armor allows him to fly, and summon a large energy blade which can put even giant sized monsters on ice.

Battle Warrior Armor Battle Warrior Armor Battle Warrior Armor Battle Warrior Armor Battle Warrior Armor Battle Warrior Armor
Battle Warrior Armor
A black knight defeated a white knight, and stole from him a mysterious box which could only be opened by the pure of heart. The black knight appeared in Silver Hills, terrorizing its people, and left the box in a cave, guarded by a dragon. Wes found the cave, defeated the Dragon, and opened the box to reveal the Battle Fire, which gave him the Battle Warrior powers. As the Red Battle Warrior Ranger, Wes gains torso armor, and armored helmet, and armored boots. He is also armed with a gigantic golden sword, which ignites to finish off opponents in a blaze.