Jetara Jetara
The first to be released from the cyro-prison, Jetara starts blasting at the police. He is taken down by the Time Force Megazord Mode Red and is place into a container by the Pink Ranger.
"Something to Fight For"

Fearog Fearog
This captive was dispatched to take care of Wes and then was recaptured by the Time Force Megazord Mode Red.
"Ransik Lives"

Mantamobile Mantamobile
Mantamobile helps Nadirba in a shopping spree of theft. He has the ability to 'pimp up' automobiles. He is taken in by the Time Force Megazord mode red.
"A Blue Streak"

Flamecon Flamecon
This unnamed crimminal is recaptured by the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. He was seen being frozen in the first episode.
"A Force From the Future" & "A Parting of Ways"

Tentaclaw Tentaclaw
Tentaclaw is released to hijack a school bus and kidnap children to hold for ransom. He can detach his head, which gets blasted by the Vortex Blaster. Without a head, it is taken down by the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue.
"A Parting of Ways"

Connie Darko Connie Darko
This nameless escapee is taken down by the ranger's Time Force Megazord.

Medicon Medicon
Nadira has Medicon fiddle with Circuit's insides. He then attacks the city and is taken down by their Time Force Megazord Mode Red, after Circuit is repaired of course.

Fatcatfish Fatcatfish
Fatcatfish is a bounty hunter Jen and Alex took in back in the future, Jen wanted to destory him but the Rangers stopped her enough for him to get away and get caught in a trick by Frax to take down Ransik. He was re-captured by the Pink Ranger and the Time Force Megazod.
"Jen's Revenge"

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