Eric Myers, Quantum Ranger
Full Name: Eric Myers
Ranger Designation: Quantum Ranger
Weapons: Quantum Defender, Silver Guardian Blaster
Gear: Quantum Morpher, TF Eagle, Mega Battle Armor
Zords: Quantasaurus Rex

Years ago, the underprivileged Eric attended a posh private school with Wes, his only friend at the time. Fed up with being shunned for not coming from a wealthy background, Eric dropped out, leaving Wes behind. Since then, Eric has joined Mr. Collins' elite defense unit, the Silver Guardians, and has had run-ins with the Rangers on several occasions, once even discovering Wes' identity as the Red Ranger.

The ambitious Eric was not content with merely being a soldier on the team. He wanted to be leader. He achieved his goal after obtaining the Quantum Morpher and becoming the Quantum Ranger, as well as gaining control of his own Zord - the Q-Rex. Mr. Collins had little choice but to appoint him leader. Eric dishes out his own brand of justice in Silver Hills, clashing with the Rangers each time. Eric lives a lonely life with no friends or family, making him a very bitter and distant person, but when push comes to shove, Eric always does the right thing.

After being injured taking a blast meant for Wes and his father, Eric passed on the Quantum Morpher to Wes, so he could use it to control of the Q-Rex and summon the Quantum Defender. With peace restored in Silver Hills, and Eric back in good health, he regained the Quantum Morpher, and teamed up with Wes to co-lead the Silver Guardians.

Eric, Wes, and the Silver Guardians tracked the Mutorgs to Turtle Cove, where they teamed up with the Wild Force Rangers to defeat them. Eric took a liking to Taylor, and the two either argued or flirted the entire ti me.

When the Machine Empire dug out Serpentera and made plans to destroy Earth with it, Wes, Eric, and 8 other Red Rangers joined forces to travel to the moon and put a stop to It.