Jen Scotts, Pink Time Force Ranger
Full Name: Jen Scotts
Ranger Designation: Pink Time Force Ranger
Weapons: Chrono Saber, Chrono Blaster, V5
Gear: Chrono Morpher, Visual Scanner, Time Force Badge, Pink Vector Cycle
Zords: Time Flier 5

Jen is the tough as nails leader of the group. She is very hard on the Rangers, and expects their best every single time. She is very focused, and dedicated to defeating Ransik and locking him up. Ransik seemingly killed Jen's fianc, Alex, making Jen obsessive in her quest for revenge against Ransik. This obsession sometimes clouds her judgment, and once almost caused her to kill a mutant.

Jen always puts up a cold, business-only front, afraid of opening up and showing her true feelings. She was especially hard on Wes at first, perhaps to mask her attraction to him due to his remarkable resemblance to Alex, but has since warmed up to him, even developing a romantic interest in him.

During a trip to 3000, Jen returned her engagement ring to Alex, definitively ending their relationship. Back in 2001, she and Wes revealed that they loved each other, but it was too late. It was time for the Time Force officers to return to their own time.

Jen returned to 2002 for a short time to help the Wild Force Rangers defeat the Mutorgs. She was briefly reunited with Wes.