Time Fliers Time Force Megazord Jet Mode The Time Fliers are five jets created in the future by Time Force. They are summoned by Circuit, who contacts Captain Logan to dispatch them. To reach the Rangers, they fly through a time portal. The Time Fliers can combine into three modes. The first is a jet, which can throw mutants off their feet with a tornado attack.

Time Force Megazord Mode Red Time Force Megazord Mode Blue They can also combine into one of two Megazords. Mode Red is the traditional Megazord, attacking with a saber and a sheild, It freezes mutants with a strike from its saber. Mode Blue is a more agile mode. It has great mobility, and can do flying leaps and kicks. Mode Blue attacks with the Time Jet in blaster mode, which it uses to freeze mutants. Time Force Megazord Weapons