Cameron Watanabe, Green Samurai Ranger - Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Cameron Watanabe, Green Samurai Ranger
Full Name: Cameron "Cam" Watanabe
Ranger Designation: Green Samurai Ranger
Weapons: Samurai Saber
Gear: Samurai Cyclone Morpher
Zords: Samurai Star

Cameron is the sarcastic and sharp-tongued son of the Sensei. Raised by parents who were martial arts masters, Cam is the most focused, disciplined, and skilled fighters of the Rangers. In the beginning, he served only as the technical advisor of the Rangers, monitoring battles from his computer, and sending the Rangers Zords and weapons as needed. He would also keeps an eye on police surveillance, alerting the Rangers to any danger. Cam felt that he got no respect in his position, yearning to be a Ranger himself. However, his father would not allow it, having promised Cam's mother that he would not allow him to follow the ways of the Ninja.

When the Rangers lost their powers to Madtropolis, Cam used the Scroll of Time to travel into the past and retrieve a power source which could rescue them - the Samurai Amulet, a family heirloom in the possession of his mother. In the past, he saw his parents meet at the Wind Ninja Academy, and discovered that he had a hand in the creation of Lothor, after battling a younger version of him for the Samurai Amulet. Having shown its power while worn by Cam, the Samurai Amulet was given to Cam by his mother, who acknowledged him as the true owner. Cam travelled back to present day and used the amulet to become the Green Samurai Ranger, destroying Madtroplis with his Zord - the Samurai Star, and helping the Rangers regain their powers.

Cam lost his powers when Lothor stole the Samurai morpher and was thrown into the Abyss of Evil. After graduating from Wind Ninja Academy, Cam resumed his role at the school.

The Green Samurai Ranger's Samurai Saber is linked to Ninja Ops' computers, so Cam can remotely send the Rangers Zords and monitor the city. Green Samurai Ranger can power up into Super Samurai Mode, in which the armor is shed, and the visor is rotated.