The Dino Rangers look to Hayley for technical support in the Dino Lab. She went to college where she met Tommy, and is a graduate of MIT. She designed the Dino Morphers and a great deal of the other weapons; including the Raptor Cycles. Hayley also runs the Cyberspace cafe, with the assistence of Trent
Cassidy Cornell
Cassidy seems like a self-centered spoiled brat, but people soon realize that there is a lot more to her than they first thought. When her and Ethan started spending time together after getting setup over the internet, Kira helps make her dream come true of becoming a reporter. However, Cassidy finally learns that her friends are more important.
Devin is Cassidy's lacky, and her cameraman. He will do just about anything for her. While Devin is very shy and a little slow at times, he has a heart of gold. Devin will always be there for Cassidy, but always tries to get her to do the right thing.
Anton Mercer
Anton Mercer was Tommy's parter in his experiments, but after Mesogog destroyed their lab, he disapeared. Alive and well, Anton appeared in Reefside as the father of Trent, who he has taken into his own care after Trent's parents died in a cave in, while they were on an exbidition. Anton Mercer now hides the secret of his alter ego Mesogog, brought about when he was on the verge of a scientific breakthrough. Unfortunately, as it was untested, the experiment went wrong. Anton works desperately to undo what happened to him, but Mesogog finds a way to seperate Anton from himself.
Mr. Cormier
When Cassidy wants a job as a reporter, she goes to Mr. Cormier. When he pesters him enough, he gives her a job that he knows she can't handle to get rid of her. But when Mr. Cormier is in a bind, he is forced to give Cassidy a job
Power Rangers Ninja Storm
When Lothor returns from the Abyss of Evil, he uses a spell to turn Shane, Tori, and Dustin evil. Once Cam, Hunter, and Blake come to their rescue, the Power Rangers Ninja Storm must join up with the Dino Rangers to foil Mesogog and Lothor's evil scheme.
Marah and Kapri
Marah and Kapri pretend to join Lothor in order to be spared, but when Lothor's plan fails, they use this oppurtunity to release the captured Ninja Students.
Sensei is captured by Lothor, but rescued by Marah and Kapri. He comes to Cam, Hunter, and Blake's rescue when they nearly fall into the Abyss of Evil.