Full Name: Kira Ford
Ranger Designation: Yellow Dino Ranger
Weapons: Thundermax Saber, Ptera Grips
Gear: Dino Morpher, Raptor Rider, Raptor Cycle
Zords: Pterazord
As a lone musician, Kira is best able to express herself in her music. She doesn't want anything to do with the Dino Gems at first, because it's just too weird for her, but when Dr. Oliver recruits her as the Yellow Ranger, she decides to put aside her fears. She uses the Ptera Scream to stop evil in their tracks, and pilots the powerful Pterazord. Kira learns to look beyond people's stereotypes, and realize that despite their flaws, that they can be friends.

Kira used up the remainder of her Dino Gem energy in the final battle against Mesogog. She later moves to New York to try and get a recording contract. In 20 years, she will have become a huge singing sensation.

At her one year High School reunion, Kira is brought to the future by Broodwing where she, Conner, and Ethan meet up with the S.P.D. Rangers. Though their battles are legendary, they must prove to Commander Cruger and the other S.P.D. Rangers their true courage. Kira finds that she was an inspiration for Syd to follow in her footsteps.