Sam, Omega S.P.D. Ranger
Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Omega S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power : Teleportation
Special Skill: Unavailable
Weapons: Omega Morpher - Electro Mode
Gear: Omega Morpher, Uniforce Cycle
Zords: Omegamax Cycle
Sam was once a young boy who was picked on because of his genetic abilities. He joined S.P.D. after being befriended by Z. 15 years later, he is chosen to become the Omega Ranger. He travels back to 2025 to stop the Troobian Empire's invasion of Earth. Unfortunately, by making this trip, he has been crystlized in pure light form. He helps the Rangers in their battle against Gruumm, until Kat can find a way to return him to his own time.

While in this time, Sam fights along side the B-Squad and uses his information and technology to help Kat develop more powerful weapons for the other Rangers. When some friends of Piggy steals S.W.A.T. technology, Sam technological advancements are outmatched, but as the force from the future, he is always at the Rangers disposal when they need him.

During the final battle against Gruumm, an old friend Nova comes looking for Sam. After the battle is over, the two of them return to the future

Most likely somehow due to his genetic ability, Sam is crystalized into pure light energy while passing through the time portal.