Leanbow, Wolf Warrior
Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Wolf Warrior
Villain Designation: Koragg The Knight Wolf
Weapons: Shield of Darkness
Gear: Eye of the Master
Zords: Catastros

Leanbow and Udonna once lived in bliss with their infant Bowen. When the underworld attack, the Mytsic Wizards fought them but they were overwhelmed by Morticon and his horde. Leanbow met with Daggeron and Niella laying out a plan and were joined by the potentially treacherous Calindor went to fight evil, Udonna entrusted Bowen to Daggeron. Leanbow led the battle in fighting in the Underworld. He went into the gates to keep the evil forces at bay and instructed Niella to seal the gates which ultimately led to her demise. He continued the battle alone, had gotten to the Master and was almost effective in banishing him to the depths. Unfortunately, Lianbow was transformed into Koragg with The Master's last once of power. As Koragg, his memory was wiped and severed the Master fighting the forces of the light. Insights to his past slowly seeped into his subconscious when he fought those who once held dear such as Udonna (by taking her Snow Staff enabling her to transform into the White Ranger), Daggeron (whom he once trained), and his son who he had a mental connection to.

When Imperious challenged Koragg, who was a formidable wizard, to give up his magical powers to prove his abilities as a warrior. Imperious transformed Koragg's powers into a dark Mystic Morpher that Necorali utilized to wreak havoc. He later took the magic back by force. When Koragg kidnapped the rangers to the Underworld, Udonna managed to infiltrate the base but was ambushed her, almost destroying her. It was then Leanbow's memory began to be jogged and saved Udonna and returning to his form of Leanbow. Leanbow transported himself, Udonna and the rangers to another dimension where he explained what had happened. The Master's hold had turned him into Koragg. He fought Nick once again and Leanbow almost finished his very son when Udonna revealed Nick's true parentage. With this revelation, Leanbow was finally able to break free completely from the Master's hold. Just then the Master broke through to the surface world and Leanbow changing into his Ancient Mystic Mode, forced the Master back into the depths and sealing him away. Even though everyone believed him to be gone, Udonna hadn't lost hope he was out there so she went in search of him accompanied by Clare.

Leanbow later reappeared in the Lake of Lament in the Underworld where Scuplin asked him to release the Master but he refused because even though he appears as Koragg, he now fights for the good. When Leanbow saw his son and the rangers in peril, he returned to the surface with Catastros to form the Centaurus Wolf Megazord now using good magic against Black Lance. He then forced Blacklance back with him into the Underworld. By using a scale Scuplin gave her. Necorali led Sculpin to where Leanbow was and they weakened him enough to release the Master. Leanbow, in Ancient Mystic Mode, fell into the ground where Sculpin cracked it. Udonna eventually found him motionless and revived him with the power of her Snow Staff. This helped him be rejuvenated in the surface world. Leanbow transformed with a red Mystic Morpher into the Wolf Warrior and saved the rangers from Gekkor. When Nick was under the influence of the Master and donned the Wolf Knight armor, it was Leanbow who brought him back by professing his love for him. He and Daggeron went to Mystic Mother's palace and found it in ruins. They fought the Master but lost and where thrown to the ground in front of the rangers. He was revived by Necorlai and defeated the Master along with his wife, son, Daggeron and the other rangers. After the final battle, Leanbow left Briarwood on a motorcycle along with Udonna and Nick to visit Nick's adoptive parents.