Mucor Mucor
Mucor swallows Xander and Nick and Vida makes him spit them out. He was defeated by the Mystic Titans.

Hydra Worm Hydra Worm
Necrolai's pet Hydraworm, which can burrow in and out from the surface world, attacks Briarwood. Nick kicked a fire ball from the Titan Megazord in Dragon mode to destroy this one.
"Code Busters"

Clawbster Clawbster
Necorali and Clawbster attacks the city and turns people to stone, particularly Madison. Nick uses a mirror trick on him to turn him into stone and then by the newly assembled Titan Megazord.
"Rock Solid"

Bouldy "Bouldy"
This giant blue monster attacks the village the first time and Udonna defeats it. It comes back and this one is turned into a more powerful form.
"Broken Spell, Part 1" & "Legendary Catastros"

Bouldster "Bouldster"
With the power taken from the rangers to form Titan Megazord upgrades the previous monster and he has similar abilities to the Titan Megazord. The Centaurus Phoenix Megazord defeats it wiht its 'Fire Tail' attack.
"Legendary Catastros"

Taxi Cab Monster Taxi Cab Monster
With the help of her Taxi Cab Monster, Necorali steals the map that notes the location to Fire Heart. The rangers manage to destroy it.
"Fire Heart"

Flytrap Flytrap
Leelee drags Vida to a club where a DJ plays a hypnotizing tune that turned all youths into vampires for Necrolai, including Vida. He was destroyed by the Titan Megazord but Vida remained a vampire.
"Stranger Within, Part 1" & "Stranger Within, Part 2"

Boney "Boney"
This giant beast was waiting for Xander and Vida when they opened the wrong door when trying to obtain the Fire Heart.
"Petrified Xander"

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