Full Name: Rose Ortiz
Ranger Designation: Pink Overdrive Ranger
Genetic Power: Invisibility
Weapons: Drive Geyser, Drive Defender, Defender Vest, Drill Blaster, OO Zip Shooter
Gear: Overdrive Tracker, Transtek Armor
Zords: Sub Driver, Shovel Driver, BattleFleet Zord
Rose is a Mensa level genius who studied in Harvard and was working on robotics and other technologies in a British university when Andrew contacted her to become the Pink Ranger. Rose is so familiar with computers and technology, that she was able to fully operate Andrew's computer systems in the secret base under his mansion. Rose was at first hesitant about believing Andrew. Once the protector of the Crown came in front of Dax, Will, Ronny and her and told her it was real, she agreed to have her DNA enhanced. Once everyone else's genetic powers were revealed, she wonder what were hers and discovered it was invisibility. As the Pink Ranger, Rose weilds the Drive Geyser that can deploy a fine line of high-pressured water. Rose's zord is an undersea diver called the Sub Driver. After the Corona Aurora and the Jewels were returned to Sentinel Knight, Rose returned to teaching students at an University.