Full Name: Will Aton
Ranger Designation: Black Overdrive Ranger
Genetic Power: Super Hearing and Sight
Weapons: Drive Slammer, Drive Defender, Defender Vest, Drill Blaster, OO Zip Shooter
Gear: Overdrive Tracker, Hovertek Cycle, Transtek Armor
Zords: Speed Driver, Crane Driver, BattleFleet Zord
Will is expert covert spy, Andrew had him break into his own bank in Brazil to test his skills, which impressed Will as well. Will was at first hesitant about believing Andrew and join a team as he said he rather work solo. Once the protector of the Crown came in front of Dax, Ronny, Rose and him and told him it was real, he agreed to have his DNA enhanced. He was stoked to discover his ability to see super far and hear from great distances. He also took a quick shine to Will as he advised him to use his Drive Slammer, a large hammer, to break the ground to let overflowing lava in to save the city when Moltor unleashed it. When Andrew hid the Overdrive Tracker from Mac in his safe, Will used his breaking and entering skills to retrieve it. Ironically, those skills were the very reason Andrew chose Will to be the Black Ranger. On a excursion inside the underwater ruins of Atlantis, Will lack leadership skills and Mac simply told him that he respected him but he had to work with them. Later on when Will joined Miratrix, the rangers' fears of Will not playing along came true but luckily, it was all part of Andrew's plan to get the Hou-ou bird artifact. Will seduced the wary Miratrix and gained the confidence of her and Kandor. Will's zord is a large car-like vehicle known as the Speed Driver.