Benglo and Mig, the two Fearcats are alien beasts who troubled Tyzonn and were part of an incident in which he lost his teammates. They arrive on Earth to search for the Corona Aurora to free the rest of the Fear Cats.

The leading Fearcat along with Cheetar attacked an archeological squad in Brazil in search of the Corona Aurora. After Benglo was released and Cheetar was destroyed, Mig and Benglo escaped and later attack a market place to attract attention. After being defeated by the Rangers, he was revived by Flurious, who used his powerful Gyros to turn him into a cyborg. Now, he has much more power and blaster/sword weapons. He is relentless and has no problem betraying the other villains to get the Corona Aurora. Following the defeat of their homunculus monster Agrios, he engaged Tyzonn in single combat and was destroyed by him.
He came with Mig to use the Corona Aurora to power up the Prison Mirror to release their brothers. They instead used Ronny's Overdrive Tracker and Benglo was released. Cheetar took the full blast of their Drill Blaster, grew giant and was destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord.
Prison Mirror
The Fearcats traveled to Earth to seek a power source to open the Prison Mirror. After capturing Ronny and using her Overdrive Tracker, they released Benglo from the Prison Mirror. The Mirror was destroyed by the Rangers in battle.

He was summoned by Cheetar and Mig from the Prison Mirror with the help of Ronny's Overdrive Tracker and appears to be stronger than them.The Rangers thought they had seen the last of them when they defeated them with the DriveMax Ultrazord. Norg took the bodies of Mig and Benglo to Flurious who used his Gyros to revive the two Fear Cats, and make them his servants. However, Mig and Benglo were not ones to follow and deflected. Now Mig and Benglo use their incredible new powers to search for the Corona Aurora. after Agrios was defeated, he fought the five main Rangers while Mig battled Tyzonn. After witnessing the demise of Mig, he vowed vengence, but before he could do anything, he was destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger
Crazar was a female wolf-like Fearcat, who was thought to have been killed in the same cave-in that Mig used to kill Tyzonn's teammates and fianc Vella long ago. Worse that the other Fearcats, she sadistically delighted in tormenting Tyzonn over Vella's apparent demise. She also had the power to create highly realistic illusions. Upon arriving on Earth, she sided and helped the other Fearcats obtain the Octavian Chalice. During her fight with the DualDrive Megazord, Tyzonn had attempted to destroy her completely with an ancient Mercurian spell. It failed and Crazar impersonated Tyzonn's fianc Vella and created an illusion of Mercuria, trying to convince Tyzonn that everything since the cave-in had been a dream, so he'd be stayed out of the way of the other Fearcats. The truth was eventually discovered and she was destroyed in a vicious battle against Tyzonn.
Flurious' Robot
A large robot Flurious created with an enlarged Gyro as its power source. Originally Flurious was going to pilot it to retrieve the ancient Cannon of Kiamook but, it was stolen by the Fearcats in an act of betrayal. While Mig fought off the Rangers, Benglo used the robot to burrow deep into the ground and retrieved the Cannon. With both the Cannon of Kiamook combined with its ability to draw further power from Mig and Benglo's gryos, the robot easily took down the Drivemax Megazord before setting fire on the city. However, the robot was soon scrapped by Tyzonn and his new Flashpoint Megazord. This robot is not based on a Power Ranger zord like most of the other Monsters, but on the Live Robo from the Super Sentai series "Liveman."
"Behind the Scenes"
Jet Robot
A giant jet-themed robot piloted by Mig and Benglo. It was their secret weapon and they used it to attack the city while the Rangers and Thor were battling Flurious and his Chillers. The Drivemax Megazord engaged it in battle while Thor and Tyzonn dealt with Flurious. The Drivemax Megazord was overwhelmed until Tyzonn joined the fight in the Flashpoint Megazord. Both Megazords were losing until Thor attacked the robot. The Drivemax Ultrazord destroyed this robot. This robot is not based on a Power Ranger zord like most of the other Monsters, but on the DynaRobo from the Super Sentai series "Dynaman."
"It's Hammer Time"
Commando Robot
A giant commando-themed robot piloted by Mig and Benglo. They use it to attack the city and the Rangers while Will was battling Kamdor and Miratrix. It disabled the DriveMax Ultrazord's flight mode and was scared off by the Rescue Runners. As it was getting away Will morphed and used his OO Zip Line and rode on the robot. Later on, Mig piloted the robot and upgraded it with the Super Armor turning it into a Samurai-themed robot. It defeated the Super DriveMax and Flashpoint Megazords forcing the Rangers to separate the zords and make different combos. It took the DriveMax Megazord Crane Formation to remove the armor reverting it back to its default form and the DriveMax Megazord with Rescue Runners 1 and 2 and the Flashpoint Megazord with the Dozer and Sub Drivers to destroy this robot. This robot is not based on a Power Ranger zord like most of the other Monsters, but on the Super FiveRobo from the Super Sentai series "Fiveman."
"One Gets Away"
Centurion Robot
This battle helicopter-themed robot was powered with the Centurion torch which was found by the Fearcats. Despite his enormous firepower, he was defeated by the Drivemax Ultrazord. This robot is not based on a Power Ranger zord like most of the other Monsters, but on the Sun Vulcan Robo from the Super Sentai series "Sun Vulcan."
"One Fine Day"

A gigantic powerful homunculus monster that was created by the Fearcats after they mixed the Minerva's Staff, The Root of Hesper, and The Sands of Sila, inside the Octavian Chalice; after stealing each of them from Moltor, Flurious, and Kamdor. The Fearcats were able to harness the monster's abilities like a giant robot after they attached their own robotic armor with their cockpit in it. The DriveMax Ultrazord clashed with Agrios but wasn't able to defeat it. Then the Battlefleet was summoned and turned into the Battlefleet Megazord followed by the Sentinel Knight, but none of them were able to defeat Agrios. Agrios even attacked the other villains. Mack used the Flashpoint Megazord to fight Agrios. The Zords were eventually repaired just in time to help Mack. All three Megazords engaged Agrios. While wielding the Sentinel Sword and riding the Battlefleet ship, Agrios was finally destroyed by the DriveMax Megazord. Agrios is not based on a Power Ranger zord like most of the other Monsters, but on the Galaxy Robo from "Maskman" and the combination on Great Five from the same series.
"Home and Away I"