He is the son of Rita Replusa and Lord Zedd. He inherited his father's staff, most of his physical appearance and similar powers. He was also after the Corona Auroa, he was imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight in a space dumpster on the moon just like his mother. As the Knight grew weaker, he grew stronger and escaped from the dumpster. Thrax united the four villain groups the Operation Overdrive Rangers have faced to make a temporary alliance. With their help, he managed to severed the Ranger's link to the Universal Morphing Grid. Thrax was angry at his parents for becoming good and wanting to restore their evil legacy. When the Sentinel Knight restored the power of five veteran Rangers and made them a team, Thrax sought a mystical sword called Excelsior to destroy the knight. However, because of his evil nature, Thrax was unable to claim the sword. He left in a rampage and proved to be a strong fighter overcoming the Defender Vest. Thrax was finally destroyed by the fully restored Sentinel Knight who was powered by the Excelsior. The other villains retreated and broke their alliance to continue their rivalry. It is unknown when exactly Rita bore this son or how old he was.
A vulture-like monster created by Thrax. Supposedly, according to Thrax, he is invincible, or was thought to be. He is grown and sent to attack the Rangers in their Megazords only to be destroyed/sliced by Mack using Excelsior. This form was based on the Manticore Megazord of "Power Rangers Mystic Force."
"Once a Ranger, Part One"
Vulturus : Gyro Powered
Later he was somehow found weakened but in one piece by the villains. Flurious managed to restore his strength and upgrade him with a Gyro into the more human-like. He was destroyed by the Mercury Ranger's Drive Detector. This form was based on the Titan Megazord from "Power Rangers Mystic Force."
"Once a Ranger, Part Two"