Solar Morphers Solar Morphers
R.J. presented the Rangers with seemingly normal sunglasses that are in actuality Morphers that transform the Rangers. The Solar Morphers are also used for communication between the Rangers and R.J. and supply video transmissions of their enemy attacks.

Jungle Chucks Jungle Chucks
Casey's personal nunchuck weapon. Casey had trouble wielding it, Theo showed him how but was not thrilled to show him initially until Casey was able to master it.

Jungle Tonfa Jungle Tonfa
Theo mastered the Tonfa his second year of training and as a Ranger, he uses these two individual bladed weapons that can emit electric charges towards the enemy.

Jungle Bo Jungle Bo
Lily has a similar weapon as the Jungle Tonfa but she unties them into a powerful bo. She can conduct electricity and fearsome attacks from the combined weapon.

Claw Cannon Claw Cannon
A powerful cannon RJ built that requires the three Rangers to charge and fire it. When they are succesful, it turns the foe to stone and then blows up. Their first victim is Toady, one of the Five Fingers of Poison.

Jungle Mace Jungle Mace
A meteor hammer, a ball-like hammer attached to a chain given to Lily once Master Phant taught her how to wield it. The ball can be thrown to the enemy and wrapped around them to pull them.

Jungle Fan Jungle Fan
A metal fan wielded by the Blue Ranger after being trained to use it by Master Swoop. Used it either folded or fully opened, it can be used as both an offensive and defensive tool. It can used solo or with a second Jungle Fan.

Shark Sabers Shark Sabers
After being trained by Master Finn with practice sabers, Casey called upon these twin swords that can be combined into a single and longer sword to send devastating attacks.

Claw Boosters Claw Boosters
Claw weapons that are mounted on are the fists of the Rangers to allow them to morph into their Jungle Master Mode. They also use them for close range attacks and slashing finishing attacks.

Wolf Morpher Wolf Morpher
RJ had another morpher when he had the other three built; he just saved it for a special occasion. Now that he is the Wolf Ranger he uses it to morph and as his weapon. It can shoot a power beam blast, that can easily destroy any monster.

Rhino Morpher Rhino Morpher/Rhino Blade
R.J. gave a bracelet to Dominick to 'Ranger up' his Rhino power and forms the Rhino Blade when he morphs. It is sometimes referred to as the Rhino Morpher. It is the Rhino Ranger's right-hand gauntlet that also enables him to transform. It has two modes, one being a blaster and the other being a blade. Dominick, Theo or Casey can use the blade in combination with their Claw Booster.

Control Dagger Control Dagger
Master Mao gave Dominick the legendary Control Dagger six years ago, which he hid under a couch in a restaurant, which both he and Theo then misplaced and had to later retrieve. The Dagger is needed to enter the Rhino Nexus.