Dominick Hargan, White Rhino Ranger
Full Name: Dominick Hargan
Ranger Designation: White Rhino Ranger
Weapons: Rhino Morpher
Gear: Rhino Blade, Control Dagger
Zords: Rhino Steel Zord

Dominick is an old friend of R.J. who was told by Master Mao to find his path, so he has been traveling the world for six years. He decides to play a friendly trick on the employees of Jungle Karma as a health inspector that ruffles the feathers of the Rangers. He witnesses the Rangers in action and feels this is the path he must follow. The Rangers don't want him to join because they believe everything is a game to him. R.J. tells him he can't join unless they want him to. Fran instantly warms up to him, telling him he will be missed if he left. He saves her with his Rhino spirit and impresses Casey. He is given a bracelet that enables Dom to morph into the Rhino Ranger. Dominick was given the Control Dagger by Master Mao long ago, telling him it would lead him to his destiny. He hid it in a supposedly safe place of a restaurant. Camille lures Dominick into a fight by fooling him and takes the Control Dagger from him when distracted. She and Dai Shi use it to enter the Rhino Nexus. As the three Rangers became masters, it wasn't always for Dominick and he was fine with it. During their time working together, he and Fran developed a unique connection. At his farewell party after the final battle, he surprised her with a ticket to join him in back-packing through Europe.