Jungle Master Megazord
When the Rangers received their Jungle Master modes from the masters from the Spirit World, they formed the Gorilla, Antelope, and Penguin together to form the Jungle Master Megazord. For its finisher attack, swings its fists up and down, destroying the foe. Gorilla forms the head, arms, torso, and upper legs. Antelope forms the lower left leg. Penguin forms the lower right leg with its jetboard.
Jungle Master with Shark Power
The Shark Spirit provides armor for the Jungle Master Megazord. It utilizes the Shark's fins as blades along with the Jungle Master's swinging punch to finish opponents. it was first used against Hamhock.
Jungle Master with Elephant Power
The Jungle Master Megazord with armor provided by the Elephant zord, obtained from Master Phant. It uses the Jungle Mace to destroy opponents. It was first used against Porcupongo.
Jungle Master with Bat Power
The Bat Spirit provides armor for the Jungle Master Megazord. The Bat Spirit allows the Megazord to fly and destroy opponents using the Swoop Attack. It was first used against Whirnado.