Gat Bot
With Venjix using the Sat Bot to cause Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted, this allowed the Gat Bot & Grinders to enter the city. The Rangers responded and fought the bot, but he was a bit too much for the Rangers to take on. Luckily the Blue Ranger was able to use his Time Burst attack to weaken the robot. The Rangers formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to blast the Gat Bot down.The Rangers used the Zenith Megazord to destroy the large version.
Vat Bot
After the Gat Bot was destroyed, Venjix sent this bot into the city, thanks to the Sat Bot causing Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted. The Rangers found and fought this bot in the forest. The Rangers were able to get the upper hand by using their weapons. They then formed the RPM Enforcer and destroy the bot with the Shark engine cell.
Sat Bot
When Dillon was captured by Venjix, this Bot was the one responsible for taking Dillon's memories away. Later, Venjix sent this Bot to Corinth to cause the shield to be disrupted. It fired its lasers into the weather grid. Scott was about to attack the bot, but Dillon stopped him. Dillon still wanted to keep the Bot online in hopes of getting his memories back, but Scott ordered the team to destroy the bot. But when the team was distracted by a power surge caused when Dr. K tried to shut Dillon down, the Sat Bot struck the team. Dillon realized that the safety of city was more important than his memories and formed the RPM Enforcer to destroy it. Dr. K discovered that the Bot initiated the dormant virus inside Dillon's implanted robotics. It's one of the few bots that spoke.
"Blitz" and "Key to the Past"
Lighting Bot
The Lightning Bot was sent with Tenaya 7, to attack the Rangers at the beach. After Tenaya 7 had placed a Mind Control Device on Dillon's neck, the Lightning Bot activated the chip. The Rangers realized that the only way to return the internal virus back to its original pace, was to get the circuit board from the Lightning Bot and used it to reverse the virus. The shields lowered and the Bot came in the city. Scott and Dillon took thebot down with their Wheel Blasters. The Zenith Megazord defeat the giant form of the Lighting Bot. The Yellow Ranger was then able to retrieve the needed circuit board.
"Brother's Keeper"
Oil Bot
This unnamned attack robot, that resembled an oil tank, could spill oil to make the Zenith Megazord slip and fall. It was destroyed by the High Octane and ValveMax Megazords.
Dyna Bot
Dynabot was a robot that specialized in bombs and dynamnite, ambushed the Rangers in Omega City, the Gold and Silver Rangers saved them. He put a bomb on the Projet Go-Onger van and it exploded, but the Rangers managed to escape. He was joined by General Shifter and Venjix. He was destroyed by the new Rangers' Sky Shift Blasters attack. This one also spoke.
Vacuum Bot
This bot was sent to suck the air out of the city of Corinth. The oxygen went from the city into a tube to the robot in a hideout. Silver and Red battled him and then with the Ranger Gold, they defeated him. He grew big and sucked the Super Saber in and the attack from ValveMax Megazord. High Octane Megazord with the two new zords destroyed the Vacuum Bot.
"In or Out"
Saw Bot Generation 15
The bot copied the Ranger's moves and was hard to beat. He was destroyed by the Zenith Megazord with the help of the Gold and Silver zords.
Saw Bot Generation 16
With the information from the last bot, he could defeat any of their megazord configurations... except for the new Mach Megazord, which destroyed him.
"Belly of the Beast"
Balloon Bot
General Crunch sent this bot when the others were busy. Doctor K suspected there might be poison inside the balloons but the twins went against the orders and destroy the bot. Luckily, it had no poison.
"Three's A Crowd"