Generation 3 Textile Bot
When Tenaya 7 & General Shifter went to test Tenaya's new Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster, Tenaya also brought along this Attack Bot should any Rangers show up. The Textile Bot's Threads were made to molecularly mimic Spider Silk, with it, it capture the Mach Megazord. The others saved them and they managed to destroy the bot with the new formation SkyRev Megazord.
"Three's A Crowd"
'Sewer Lid Bot'
When the City came under attack, this unnamed Attack Bot managed to corner Colonel Truman, a little Girl, and two city Defense Soldiers in an ally way. Ranger Gold destroyed this monster.
"Heroes Among Us"
'Knight Bot'
General Shifter sent this unnamed robot and it took down ValveMax Megazord and Mach Megazord. Flynn wanted to power up the megazords and used a modified Engine Cell that Dr. K did not approve of. It didn't help the Megazords but Doctor K managed to fix them and they destroyed this unnamed Attack Bot that resembled a knight.
"Not So Simple"
Hammer Bot
General Shifter accompanied his creation, the Hammer Bot to defeat the Power Rangers, which it almost did. While Tenaya fought Flynn and Gemma, this bot fought the others. Doctor K deployed the experimental Road-Attack Zord, it beat the Hammer Bot but had too much power and went against the Rangers. Hammer Bot grew giant and was destroyed by the SkyRev Megazord with the Road-Attack Zord, with its excess energy.
"Not So Simple"
Chemical Bot
Tenaya created this attackbot in order to prove herself as a loyal general. It had four bottles and one of them it used to make all the men in Corinth fall asleep by putting it in the air vents. Yellow and Silver managed to fight him off, and when Dr. K made a cure, Red and the Road Attack Zord defeated it and it was destroyed by the SkyRev Megazord.
"Dome Dolls"
'Film Bug Bot'
A unnamed dowsing Attack Bot that the Rangers fought as they filmed a behind the scenes video. Ziggy referred to it as a 'she' but it grunted in a deep voice. It was destroyed by the RPM Enforcer.
"...And Action"
Drill Bot
A bot General Shifter sent to dig out the Paleozord from a hidden underground area of Alphabet Soup. It could drill through anything. The Rangers defeated it with the PaleoMaxMegazord.
"Ancient History"
Heat Bot
An attack bot that Tenaya made in order to prove herself, it attacked the new depot in Corinth. It was very powerful against the Rangers but the twins were able to freeze it. Kilobyte released the bot from its icy tomb and made it big. It was destroyed by the PaleoMax Megazord.
"Key to the Past"
General Shifter's special caveman-looking attack bot he made to be Venjix's new suit, it was tampered with by Tenaya and it attacked Venjix, leading Shifter to be banished. The Hyperbot beat up the Rangers after they destroyed the Heat Bot. Then it was upgraded and turned the PaleoMax Megazord against the Rangers. Tenaya got the codes of the hyperbot from Venjix and gave it to Dr. K and she used it to override the PaleoMax and help make the Ultrazord, that destroyed the Hyperbot.
"Key to the Past" and "Beyond a Doubt"
'Dumbbell Bot'
This nameless Attack Bot was sent with Tenaya 15 to fight the Rangers, it was very powerful against them as he has super heavy dumbbell hands that he can swing with no problem. He nearly defeated the Power Rangers until Dillon made the difficult choice of using a cannon, capable to saving his sister, against the monster. The Rangers defeated it with the RPM Enforcer and destroyed it with the RPM Ultrazord.
Generation 12 Energy Attack Bot
A black and blue Attackbot that can warp the Rangers' biofield as well capable of swallowing and redirect energy-based attacks. Destroyed by the Valvemax Megazord.
"End Game"
'Final Attack Bot'
An attack bot composed of parts of nearly all previous attack bots, that can freeze a Megazord. It was defeated by the combined efforts of the Paleomax, High Octane and Mach Megazords.
"End Game" and "Danger and Destiny"