The Samurai Rangers' individual Zords are called Folding Zords, as they fold out from an Emblem Form into an animal form. To pilot them, the Rangers write the kanji for "super" to enlarge them while the process transforms the Ranger into Mega Mode.

Lion Folding Zord
Jayden's Zord that forms the main body, normally in its pentagon shaped Emblem Form.

Dragon Folding Zord
Kevin's Zord that forms the right leg and helmet, normally in its hexagon shaped Emblem Form

Turtle Folding Zord
Mia's Zord that forms the right arm, normally in its circle shaped Emblem Form.

Bear Folding Zord
Mike's Zord that forms the left leg, normally in its square shaped Emblem Form. In battle, it is able to stand up and use its claws.

Ape Folding Zord
Emily's Zord that forms the left arm, normally in its triangle shaped Emblem Form.

Beetle Zord
This auxiliary zord called forth from Jayden's Beetle disk makes the Beetle Zord. The zord can attach to the Samurai Megazord for more firepower.

Swordfish Zord
A Swordfish support Zord summoned from the Swordfish Disc. It has the ability to heal any disease. When in "Zord Mode", it can shoot torpedoes and attack with its nose. It was obtained by Kevin when he fished it, he is the primary user.

Tiger Zord
A White Tiger support Zord summoned from the Tiger Disc. It has the ability to dig underground. When in Zord Mode, it can burrow underground and create chasms. When the Master Xandred was sealed in the Netherworld, it fell in the chasm as well and was taken control by Metamont. It was re-obtained by Jayden.

Antonio's octopus Zord. It is normally in a small animal form. It can fly and has a special ink that can hit invisible enemies to make them visible. It was given to Antonio by Jayden when they were little.

Antonio's lobster Zord. Battle damaged years ago, it was hidden away by Ji. It is normally in a small animal form and was given to Antonio who used his technical skills to fix it. It can transform into a humanoid battle form allowing it to go into combat on its own.

A shark support Zord that is formed from the Shark Sword.