Levi Weston, Gold Ninja Steel Ranger
Full Name: Levi Weston
Ranger Designation: Gold Ninja Steel Ranger
Gear: Ninjacom, Ninja Power Stars, Ninja Battle Morpher
Weapons: Ninja Star Blade, Ninja Blaster
When the Rangers first met him, he was country music star Levi Weston. The Rangers were all big fans except for Brody who found him stuck-up. Brody thought Levi was superficial but later found out he was a pretty grounded guy. Levi is an easy-going, courageous, a bit stubborn but loyal friend. The Rangers soon discover Levi was the one to take out the gold Power Star from the Nexus. Levi had left the star with his manager who got kidnapped by Ripcon. Levi rescued his manager and became the mysterious Gold Ranger who was fighting monsters and zipping off. Levi was kidnapped by Madame Odius and he escaped on the Astro Zord. He explained this to the Rangers as they welcomed him and bestowed him with the Bull Rider Megazord. Levi decided to take a break from show business when Galvanax’s forces attacked a concert of his. Levi decided to continue his education and enroll in Summer Cove High School with the other Rangers.

When Brody’s brother Aiden entered their lives, Levi was not sure about him. Levi ended up fighting Aiden when Aiden broke into the secret base to steal Ninja Steel. Levi discovered Aiden was actually a robot created by Madame Odius. Madame Odius stole his memories when he was kidnapped and transferred them to the robot. The robot was destroyed and when Brody sang a family song at a talent show, Levi’s memories returned. Levi realized he was actually Brody’s older brother Aiden. To go into hiding, Aiden changed his name to Levi. The Rangers decided to keep the façade and keep calling him Levi. When Brody fought Galvanax, he smashed the Nexus and disappeared. Mick and Brody returned as Red Rangers and so did their father Dane. Levi was happy to be reunite with his father and have his family back on Earth.