Airdate: September 08, 1993

Kimberly and Trini lead a drive to clean up the environment.
The guys however are too busy to help them with their effort.
Bulk and Skull show the girls what they think of recycling.
The girls show them the importance of recycling.
Rita Repulsa plans to pollute the entire planet.
Kimberly and Trini try to convince the city to clean up the dumpsite.
They are intercepted by the Putties.
Meanwhile, Zack is teaching Alpha 5 some dance steps.
They are informed that Kimberly and Trini are in trouble.
Finster prepares his latest monster for the Monstermatic.
The Mighty Minotaur is created.
The Power Rangers show up to stop his attack.
The Pink and Yellow Rangers have troubles of their own.
Goldar has shown up with the Putties.
The Rangers get the beat down from the Mighty Minotaur.
To make matters worse, Rita makes him grow with her wand.
The Power Rangers summon the Dinozords to defeat him.
But the Mighty Minotaur proves to be too powerful.
Zordon calls the Rangers back to the Command Center to give them their new Power Weapons.
The Power Rangers are able to defeat the Minotaur with their Power Weapons.
They combine their weapons to form the Power Blaster.
The Power Blaster fires powerful blasts of energy.
The blast finally destroys the Mighty Minotaur.
Rita is furious at yet another defeat at the hand of the Power Rangers.
The Rangers decide to use teamwork to clean up the mess at school.
Meanwhile, Alpha 5 tries to dance, but ends up shorting out the controls.
  • Remember the days when Power Rangers used to promote cleaning up the environment?
  • Why did the Mighty Minotaur conveniently shrink when the Rangers got their Power Weapons?
  • Watching Alpha 5 try to perform Hip Hop Kido is hillarious.