Green with Evil, Part 1 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Green with Evil, Part 1
Airdate: October 05, 1993

At the Angel Grove Karate Tournament, a new kid Tommy shows off his awesome moves.
Rita is impressed by Tommy's skills and plans to use the sixth Power Coin to make him her evil Green Ranger.
Jason and Tommy face off in the karate tournament. It ends in a tie.
Tommy catches the eye of Kimberly and she hopes to get the chance to meet him.
The next day at school, Tommy shows up when Bulk and Skull are pestering Kimberly and he scares them off with his karate skills.
Tommy introduces himself to Kimberly and she invites him to hang out later with her and the others.
Rita plans to test Tommy by putting him up against the Putties.
Tommy is ambused by the Putties, but manages to take them all on.
Satisfied with Tommy's skills, Rita uses her magic want to capture him.
Rita casts a spell on Tommy to put him under her evil spell.
Tommy is given the sixth Power Coin to become the evil Green Ranger.
The Green Ranger uses his Power Coin to enter the Command Center without being detected.
Zordon confronts the Green Ranger as Tommy and insists that Rita is using him.
The Green Ranger damanges the consoles and Alpha 5's circuitry.
Zordon's connection to this dimension is severed by the damages.
The Rangers are contacted by a distorted Alpha 5.
With communication and teleportation down, the Rangers use the Radbug to reach the Command Center.
The Rangers are shocked by all the damage to the Command Center.
The Rangers are alerted to trouble on the viewing globe.
A giant Goldar is wreaking havoc in the mountains.
The Power Rangers defeat some Putties and form the Megazord to combat Goldar.
Inside the Megazord cockpit, the Green Ranger appears and knocks the Rangers to the ground.
The Green Ranger owns all five of the Power Rangers.
The Green Ranger sends a powerful blast and defeats the Power Rangers.
The Rangers return defeated to the Command Center looking for answers, but Alpha doesn't have them.
The Green Ranger appears on the viewing globe promising the destruction of the Power Rangers.
  • This is the introduction of the long lived legendary character Tommy Oliver. It's really weird seeing how much the character has changed over the years after just watching Dino Thunder last week.
  • Zordon seemed to know that Tommy was the Green Ranger immediately. Yet in Zeo he didn't know that Trey was the Gold Ranger even after having to scan his life signs after he was injured.
  • This episode was titled "Out of Control", but is generally accepted as "Green With Evil, Part 1".