Green with Evil, Part 3
Airdate: October 07, 1993

Rita Repulsa calls upon an old friend.
Rita calls forth the evil Scorpina.
Meanwhile the Rangers try with no luck to bring back Zordon.
In the Dark Dimension, Goldar prepares to finish off Jason once and for all.
At the Youth Center, Kimberly once again gets the cold shoulder from Tommy who claims that Jason never showed to meet with him.
As Zack comes in, Tommy blows passed him with an attitude as well. Zack is sure that Jason went to school to meet with Tommy.
Rita watches as Zack and Kimberly chase after Tommy to confront him.
Tommy walks ahead as the others are attacked.
Rita sends the Putties to distract Kimberly and Zack.
After defeating the Putties, Kimberly and Zack notice that Tommy is gone, but Putties never went after him.
The Green Ranger shows up in the Dark Dimension to relieve Goldar of destroying Jason.
Jason tries to talk some sense into the Green Ranger, but he assures him that he is truely evil.
Scorpina arrives at the Moon Palace and it appears if she has history with Goldar.
Billy is finally able to locate Jason and needs a few minutes to get a lock on him.
The Green Ranger is ready to crush Jason with the Sword of Darkness.
Jason is teleported to the Command Center just in time.
Goldar punishes the Green Ranger for letting Jason escape by leaving him in the Dark Dimension.
The other Rangers welcome Jason back to the team, but he hasn't learned anything new about the Green Ranger.
They are alerted to Scorpina's presence via the viewing globe.
The Power Rangers morph into action to battle Scorpina.
The Red Ranger faces off with Scorpina as the others are confronted by the Putties.
Goldar pulls Scorpina out of battle, because he doesn't believe she has what it takes on to defeat them alone.
The Green Ranger vows to prove himself by destroying the Power Rangers once and for all.
The Rangers try deperately to bring back Zordon, but can't sustain a lock.
They are soon alerted to Goldar trashing Angel Grove on the viewing globe.
The Rangers wonder if this is a trap, but agree that they don't have any other options but to fight.
  • Scorpina and Goldar seem to share a history together.
  • When Rita observes Kimerly and Zack following Tommy, you can hear Goldar talking to her, but he is clearly not there, because he is in the Dark Dimension battling Jason.
  • Why does Rita let Goldar pull Scorpina out of battle when she was winning? Then Goldar actually thinks he can do any better when he's already been defeated by the Rangers before.