Green with Evil, Part 4
Airdate: October 08, 1993

The Rangers watch as Goldar attacks downtown Angel Grove.
The Rangers try to morph, but they just short out the Morphing Grid.
Rita watches in enjoyment as Goldar trashes the city in order to lure the Rangers out.
Rita reveals her plan to cause an eclipse to block out the sun, since the Megazord uses solar power.
Meanwhile in the Dark Dimension, the Green Ranger trains to bring down the Power Rangers.
Billy finally gets the Command Center back online.
The Rangers morph into action just in time to encounter Scorpina who gives them a beat down.
Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull try to flee in a bus since the city is under attack.
They try to escape in the bus, but Goldar gets to them before they are able to.
As Alpha is on the brink of bringing back Zordon, the Green Ranger appears to finish what he started.
The Rangers teleport to the beach to find Rita and Scorpina plotting from above.
Up on the cliff, the Putties are getting ready to push the bus over the edge if the Rangers make a move.
As the Green Ranger once again gets rid of Zordon, Alpha catches him offguard and traps him in a forcefield.
The Rangers form the Megazord just in time to catch the bus before it falls.
The Megazord is ambushed by Goldar and Scorpina.
Meanwhile, Rita causes an eclipse which drains the Megazord's solar power.
Rita laughs diabolically as the Rangers get a beat down.
The Megazord activates the Power Sword to give it an energy boost.
But Rita uses her magic to release the Green Ranger from the forcefield.
Rita makes the Green Ranger grow to take down the Megazord.
Goldar, Scorpina, and the Green Ranger surround the Megazord.
The Megazord is overwhelmed by the numerous attacks.
The Megazord falls into a lava pit that Rita opens up with her wand.
Fallen from their Megazord, the Rangers watch in horror as their Dinozords are lost to them.
Later at the Command Center, Alpha informs the Rangers that the computer has identified the Green Ranger.
The Rangers watch the viewing globe in shock as they discover the Green Ranger is Tommy.
  • If the Megazord runs on solar power, why doesn't Rita just attack at night?
  • It's kind of ironic that the computers weren't able to detect who the Green Ranger was before, but Zordon was perfectly aware of his identity the whole time.
  • I wonder why the Rangers don't just run into the gas released from the Earth that makes her henchmen grow when she throws her wand.