Calamity Kimberly - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Calamity Kimberly
Airdate: November 05, 1993

Kimberly wakes up late and falls out of bed with bad hair.
Her dress is burned and an earthquake occurs, causing her mirror to break.
Squatt was spying on her and Rita has Finster make a monster especially for her.
Soaking wet Kim comes to school and complains to Tommy about her wet pep rally plans.
Bulk and Skull make fun of Kim's hair, Tommy has Bulk slide on water on the floor to stuff his head in the janitor's canister.
Rita and Tommy walk home from school and she tells him she had a nightmare where Rita was her wicked stepmother.
Samurai Fanman knocks Tommy unconscious and sucks Kim into his jar.
Tommy awakens in a pile of leaves. The others train at the Youth Center.
Zordon teleports the Rangers and Tommy (in a therapeutic chair) to the Command Center.
The Rangers morph and fight Goldar and the Samurai Fan Man.
They can't risk hurting Kim. Fanman fans the Rangers away.
Alpha teleports them back to the center. Meanwhile the baddies are relaxing at a restaurant.
The Rangers arrive and fight the bad guys once again.
Rita makes Samurai Fanman and Goldar grow and the Rangers call the zords.
The individual zords fight the duo. Tommy wakes up and is called by Jason.
Tommy morphs and calls for the Dragonzord. It combines with three zords.
Dragonzord in Battle Mode fights Fanman and Tyrannosaurus fights Goldar.
The bottle is knocked down and Kimberly escapes, morphs and calls for her zord.
Zords are disassembled and the Megazord is formed and fights the Fanman.
Ultrazord is formed and destroys Samurai Fanman. Goldar retreats.
At the garage, Billy is fixing his Radbug. The Rangers watch news report.
Kim arrives and touches the remote and sparks fly out of the TV.