Grumble Bee
Airdate: April 28, 1994

Ms. Applebee passes out grades, Billy gets a 'B.'
Bulk and Skull tease Billy in his state of depression.
Finster says he will make a Grumble Bee monster.
The teens try to cheer Billy up by offering to play basketball.
Billy declines, he wants to get in the science club. Trini volunteers to quiz him.
Trini reads about the bee at the Juice Bar. Billy says it was the one he missed.
The others play basketball and wonder how Tommy is doing at a karate tournament.
Putties tie up Jason, Kim and Zack with a special rope to keep them in a forcefield.
Zordon calls Billy and Trini to the Command Center and catch them up.
Trini says, "It's Morphin Time!" The two fight Grumble Bee.
Billy is hit by the darts and falls. Trini climbs a tree.
Trini kicks the bee down. Trini tells Billy to do a high kick.
She gives Billy a boost but he falls down. It is the effect of the venom.
Grumble Bee attacks them both with an ultrasonic sound.
Back at the Command Center, Alpha makes a special weapon.
Billy and Trini try to free Kimberly, Zack and Jason but can't.
Zordon tells them to morph and fight Grumble Bee. Jason agrees.
Bee throws poison venom on Billy, which looks like silly string.
Alpha loosens the other three. They morph and fight Putties.
The bee sends sonic waves against the four, knocking them down.
Billy comes in and says it will wear off.
Alpha works on the weapon and says a part was backwards.
Billy receives the weapon. He thanks Alpha.
Billy sprays the Grumble Bee with white foam.
Rita makes it big and the Megazord is formed.
Grumble Bee is destroyed with the Power Sword.
At the Youth Center, Tommy congrats the others. He wished he was involved.
Billy arrives to say that he made an A+ and made it into the science club.
Bulk and Skull try studying. Six top students will tutor Bulk for the whole summer.
So the six Rangers offer their help which overloads Bulk.