Rangers Gone Psycho
Airdate: October 30, 1998

The Ranger's day begins with a battle against an unnamed Owl Monster.....
...who gets quickly taken out by the Astro Megazord.
Back on the Astro Megaship, Andros remembers the short times spent with Karone before she was reprogramed back into Astronema.
Ashley gleefully approaches Andros and suggests that everyone should head to Earth and take a break from Space.
While eating at the Surf Spot, the Rangers hear their communicators and proceed to leave.
Ashley then discovers that the sound they heard is coming from little Mandy's computer device. Mandy reveals that its the hottest thing in Angel Grove.
The Rangers go back to their meal only to see a news report of destruction downtown. The Power Rangers are seen to already be on the scene.
The "Power Rangers" awkwardly agree to an interview with the reporter...
....... that ends in a shower of shots from their "Astro Blasters".
The Real Power Rangers show up and watch the news crew run away, frightened.
The Fake Rangers challenge the Real Rangers and a color-coded battle ensues.
The furious battle moves to the nearby warehouse.
The Fake Red Ranger then reveals that they are not Power Rangers but.........
.......Psycho Rangers and yes they are evil.
The Psychos easily overpower the Power Rangers and proceed to get some knowledge from them via a "brain drain" technique.
Zhane, the Silver Ranger, shows up and the Psychos retreat for the moment.
After a short meeting with Astronema, the Psychos return to Earth to mercilessly hunt down the Rangers. The Psychos use the Ranger's communicator sound to track them, but end up attacking random civilians because of that new computer device.
When the Ranger's hear about the attacks, TJ warns Zhane but in reality has unknowingly set Zhane up to be snatched by the Psychos. Zhane is tied up and held at the old library.
The Rangers get to the library but need a distraction for the Psychos so that they are not heard morphing.
The Psychos take the bait and also show that they can run very fast. The Psycho's speed allows them to catch up to the Ranger's MegaTank decoy.
Irritated by the decoy, the Psychos quickly descend on the Rangers before they are able to reach Zhane.
The Psychos release their irritation by severely thrashing the Power Rangers. Red Ranger gets the infamous "Psycho's Elbow".
Just as the Psychos are about to destroy the Power Rangers, they are mysteriously teleported away.
Eventhough the Psychos left the scene, they still left their mark on the Power Rangers. Having freed himself, Zhane quickly rushes to the side of his friends.
Irritated once more, the Psychos quickly confront Astronema and demand to know why they were halted from destroying the Rangers. Astronema puts the Psychos in check and reminds them of who wears the pants on the Dark Fortress.
Once the Psychos leave, Astronema reveals to Ecliptor that the Psychos get their power by draining it from Dark Specter. She goes on further to reveal that she seeks to use the Psychos to destroy the Power Rangers and Dark Specter!
  • This was an action packed episode. It was certainly cool to see the episode begin with a battle that shows how powerful the Power Rangers are. That Owl got wrecked.
  • Wondering why the Psycho Rangers are wearing a big "N" on their belt buckles? It's because in the sentai counterpart (Denji Sentai Megaranger), they are known as the "Nejirejia".
  • This is one of the few times in PR history that we get to see extensive battle damage on the suits. It looks like there is black padding underneath every ranger's suit.
  • Speaking of which, the Psycho Rangers sure were brutal. The Elbow drops and Psycho Stomps alone should make this ep a classic.
  • If you look closely, you will see that Ashely Hammond wears yellow panties.
  • Its a good thing that Zhane was able to free himself, because the Power Rangers went down like they got killed.
  • The Psycho Ranger's rapid running and hopping all over the city was very similar to the Ninja Streak found in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Perhaps that ability was a prelude to what was shown in PRNS.