Stolen Beauty
Airdate: October 02, 1999

Trakeena looks at herself in a mirror, and asks the monster Crumummy if she is the most beautiful in the universe. She becomes infuriated when he says there are other beauties on Terra Venture.   Trakeena releases Crumummy from the mirror, and sends him down to Terra Venture to steal the beauty from all women. Crumummy proceeds to steal the beauty, and turns it into sand.

The Rangers appear and battle Crumummy, preventing him from accomplishing his goal and forcing him to retreat.   Crumummy falsely reports to Trakeena that all beauty on Terra Venture has been eliminated.

Trakeena decides to go down for herself and see if this is true. She takes on a civilian form, calling herself "Tracy".   She meets Mike at the Comet Cafe, and tries to poison his burger. he doesn't get to eat it, as he has to leave to meet his friends.

Tracy accepts Mike's offer and goes with him. Back at the living quarters, he introduces her to the rest of the team. She flips out when she meets Maya and Kendrix, two other beauties.   As they walk down the street, they are attacked by Crumummy. He attacks Kendrix and Maya, and steals their beauty.

The Rangers transform and battle Crumummy and the Sting Wingers. Mike takes Tracy to safety.   After the battle, Mike leaves to take Tracy home. On the way, they stop off for a drink, which Tracy poisons.

Mike drinks, and appears to have been killed by the poison. Believing him dead, Crumummy appears.   He gives Trakeena the jar of stolen beauty. Before she can use it, Mike charges and snatches it from her.

Mike suspected of Tracy when Crumummy didn't didn't attack her, so he switched drinks. He releases the sand, restoring everyone's beauty.   Trakeena reverts to her normal self, and sends Crumummy and the Sting Wingers to attack.

Leo arrives, and he and Mike transform and fight.   The rest of the team arrives shortly, and they all power up.

Using their special attacks, Mike and Kendrix take down Crumummy.   Crumummy grows, and the Rangers bring out Torozord and the Galaxy Megazord.

Crumummy is finally destroyed by a slash from the powered-up Galaxy Megazord.   The guys are horrified to find Kendrix and Maya getting facials.

On the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius shows Trakeena a cocoon he has created for her to transform into an insect with great powers.   Trakeena refuses, unwilling to give up her mortal beauty. When Scorpius tries to force her into the cocoon, she flees, and leaves the ship.

  • Stealing beauty? What kind of plot is that?
  • It looks like a single Ranger can also perform the Lights of Orion attack.
  • The Professor and Bulk are back - this time they work at the Comet Cafe.