Lightspeed Teamwork - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Lightspeed Teamwork
Airdate: February 19, 2000

Diabolico commands his monster expert Jinxer to unleash a monster evil enough to wipe Mariner Base off the planet.
At the Aquabase, Joel bumps into Ms. Fairweather, and tries to impress her by showing off his morpher.
The other Rangers arrive at the meeting with Ms. Fairweather, where she shows them the lab, and the new Rail Rescues. Joel has not arrived yet.
The meeting is cut short when a meteor that crashed in Mariner Bay turns into Magmavore, who begins destroying buildings in the city.
Joel finally arrives with flowers for Ms. Fairweather, but is rushed into action by an annoyed Captain Mitchell.
The team is dispatched. Everyone morphs, and boards the new Rail Rescues.
The train bay rises from the Aquabase, and the Rail Rescues take off and combine into the Supertrain.
Once they reach their destination, the train cars open to release the Lightspeed Zords.
The Rangers find some people in a burning building. Joel tries to be a hero and save them himself, but is screamed at by Ms. Fairweather to follow orders and use teamwork.
He uses Aero Rescue Three to help Dana, Kelsey, and Chad form a hydro blaster on legs, which cools off the molten lava, allowing Carter to approach the burning building.
Using Pyro Rescue One's ladders, Carter and Kelsey enter the building to save the people trapped in an elevator.
To open the elevator doors, Carter calls on their newest weapon to help him - the Rescuebird.
The rescue was a success. Dana and Kelsey take the people to safety, as Carter boards Pyro Rescue One again.
Magmavore approaches, and Carter's Zord is stuck! Joel flies by and pulls Pyro Rescue One to safety.
The Lightspeed Megazord is formed. They use the extending arms to grab Magmavore and hurl him into the lava he came from, where he explodes.
Back at headquarters, Joel promises to concentrate, become a team player, and stop goofing off.
That is, until he sees Ms. Fairweather again. He rushes to her with the same flowers he had bought earlier.
He charms her at first, but is shot down when he badmouths the "expert" who told him what to do during the mission.
  • Strangely enough, the terms "Lightspeed Zords", "Supertrain", or "Lightspeed Megazord" were never used.
  • Diabolico and his demons know the location of the Aquabase, but they can't attack it, since they are revealed to have a weakness for water. Surely Lightspeed knew of this weakness when choosing a location for their headquarters.
  • On the evil side, Diabolico's monster creator/supplier Jinxer was introduced, and on the good side, Lightspeed's technology creator was introduced, Ms. Fairweather.
  • It's interesting how the Lightspeed Zords don't just fly together to form the Megazord as previous Megazords had done, but it takes a coordinated effort for everyone to come together, and the Zords need to be placed into position by some practical means - Haz and Med Rescues are propped up by extending mechanisms, and Pyro and Hydro Rescues are flown up by Aero Rescue. (In the future, look for Pyro Rescue to bring itself up with the extending arms/ladders)