A Matter Of Trust - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

A Matter Of Trust
Airdate: March 11, 2000

The Rangers are given a new assignment - to pick up a scientist and his fuel cell at the airport, and escort him back to the Aquabase. The fuel cell is very powerful, but also sensitive, and cannot be exposed to heat.
Dana is given a different mission - to bring back one of Mitchell's friends to the Aquabase. Dana resents this assignment, seeing it as nothing more than a babysitting job. She questions her father's trust in her.
At the Skull Cavern, they let baby Impus create the newest monster - Fireor, who will attampt to steal the fuel cell from the Rangers.
The Rangers arrive at the airport and take Dr. Hanson, along with a case containing the fuel cell, away in the Rescue Rover.
Dana has also reached her "special" assignment, and meets a kindly old man named Earl, who seems to be ready for a fishing trip.
On their way back, the Rangers are attacked by Fireor and a team of Batlings. They morph and fight back to protect their cargo.
As usual, Carter fights the monster, while the rest of the team fights the Batlings. They need help, and so Carter calls Dana for backup.
Dana heads towards the battle, but Capt. Mitchell calls her and orders her to return to the Aquabase, and not to go help the team.
Fireor breaks through the Rangers' defenses and snags the case. But when he opens it, it's empty! He deduces that Pink Ranger must have it, and takes off.
He creates a circle of fire above the city, which is drawing on sun's power to roast the citizens of Mariner Bay, and detonate the heat sensitive fuel cell.
The Rangers help some heat exhausted civilians into the shade. As fireballs fly down from the sky, Chad spots Fireor with his visor scanner.
The Rangers head up to this location, and engage Fireor in battle. With the team down to four, they are not doing so well against this new foe.
A stray fireball causes Dana to crash. She and Earl get out, and Dana disocovers that Earl actually has the fuel cell. Her faith in her father is restored.
Unfortunately, Vypra has found her, and wants the fuel cell. Dana and Earl flee, but Vypra chases after them, cornering them at the piers.
The two dive into the water, and safely retreat back to the Aquabase, With the fuel cell safe, Dana leaves to help the other Rangers.
Everyone gangs up Fireor, and hold him in the path of a fireball he summoned to destroy the Rangers, which destroys him instead.
He is brought back as a giant, courtesy of Jinxer, but is destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord.
Back at the Aquabase, Dana apologizes to her father for not believing that he trusted her.