Wheels Of Destruction - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Wheels Of Destruction
Airdate: March 18, 2000

Joel pays a visit to Ms. Fairweather, and begins to ask her out on a date, when he is interrupted by a code red.
They find the trouble to be one of Diabolico's monsters, who unleashes powerful winds on them.
The quickly dispose of him with the Rescue Blasters, but another problem quickly arrives on the scene.
It's Vypra, in her new vehicle - the Vyprari. The Rangers open fire at it with no luck.
They take off after Vypra in the Rescue Rover, and try to shoot her tires, but the Vyprari's shields protect it.
She sneaks up behind them and trashes the Rescue Rover, just before fleeing the scene.
The Rangers return to the Aquabase and meet with Captain Mitchell to discuss their defeat.
Joel once again approaches Ms. F., and falls under the impression that she is building him a surprise.
Vypra has struck again, this time injuring several civilians. The Rangers come to their rescue.
Carter goes after Vypra in the Rescue Rover, but he is once again left eating her dust.
At the Aquabase, Ms. F. presents the Rangers with a "surprise" - new Lightspeed Cycles.
Joel is devastated! He thought for sure that Ms. F. was building him a super sonic jet pack.
Diabolico has unleashed yet another monster, an elephant who sends shockwaves through the ground.
He is no match for the Rangers and their Rescuebird, and is blown to smithereens with a single shot.
Vypra is back, but this time the Rangers are ready with their new state of the art motorcycles.
They outmanuever the Vyprari and get some good shots in with the Cycle's mounted blasters.
Carter and Vypra square off, racing towards each other, guns blazing. In the end, Vypra is taken out and crashes into a junkpile. The Vyprari is still operational, and she retreats.
Joel finally asks Ms. F. out, but she refers him to the Lightspeed regulation prohibiting fraternization between squad members, which Dana reveals to be a bogus rule after Joel exits.
  • The Vyprari - the year 2000 model of the Silver Ranger's Galactic Rover.
  • This ep had tons of action - not one, but two monsters, and then Vypra in her new wheels. The well choreographed cycle fight at the end was awesome.
  • I am beginning to find Joel to be a real jerk - he is so full of himself. I loved the look on his face when he saw Ms. Fairweather's surprise - he looked like he was about to cry.
  • The Vyprari's exits reminded me of the Delorean from Back to the Future .
  • Great "battle damage" on the Rescue Rover. It looked more like some vandals had spray painted the thing with grafitti.
  • Carter asked just about the stupidest question in reference to the Lightspeed Cycles - "What are they?"