Cyborg Rangers
Airdate: March 25, 2000

A monster who summons lightning through spikes is attacking Mariner Bay, with some Batlings at his side.
The Rangers arrive and battle the monster, who shoots a few spikes and zaps the living daylights out of them
As the monster prepares to deal the final blow, five other Rangers show up. Who or what are they?
Whatever they are, they're good - these Rangers effortlessly pummel the monster and send him retreating.
As the Rangers greet their saviors, they find out that they are in fact robots, controlled by a Lightspeed scientist.
At the Aquabase, General McKnight tells Mitchell about his Cyborg Rangers, who are superior to his "kids".
So superior, that they are replacing them. The Rangers are relieved of duty, and forced to give up their morphers.
The monster returns, and again faces the Cyborg Rangers. They beat the tar out of him just like last time, until.
He uses the lightning spike attack, which takes them down just as it took down their human counterparts.
As the ex-Rangers sulk, they see the explosion, and debate over whether or not to check it out.
The scientist checks on his cyborgs, and finds them operational, but they have gone psycho!
Once a Ranger, always a Ranger. They decide to help after all, and save the scientist.
Captain Mitchell drives by in the Rover and gives the heroes their Morphers.
They morph, and pair off against their respective counterparts.
One by one, the Rangers make spare parts out of the overgrown toasters, until they are all destroyed.
For the third time, the lightning monster appears. The Rangers destroy him with the Rescuebird.
Jinxer the mighty resurrects and enlarges him, but the Rangers defeat the monster with the Lightspeed Megazord.
General McKnight apologizes to the team for to replacing them, and reinstates them as Power Rangers.
  • It didn't seem like a wise idea for the scientist to control the Cyborg Rangers from the battlefield. If it was necessary, he could have at least stayed in the truck.
  • It was a very tense and dramatic moment when the Rangers were relieved of their duties. The way Chad refused to let the soldier take the morpher from his wrist, the way Joel looked at Ms. Fairweather as he handed in his morpher, and the way Ms. Fairweather got misty eyed at the sight of her friends being fired. Excellently done.
  • That was a clever attack by the Rangers in the Lightspeed Megazord. Once they got hit with spikes, they immediately grabbed the monster with the ladder arms and lifted him off the ground, which conducted the lightning attack through them and right back at the monster!
  • Skull Cavern scenes have seemed so forced and useless lately. Diabolico appeared for only a few seconds, and only to rant about destroying Mariner Bay, and his queen returning. Same thing every episode. They might as well just leave him out of it, and give the monsters different origins.